Freescale Rolls Out S08JM60 8-Bit Microcontroller Family

Freescale Semiconductor has added 30 highly integrated microcontrollers (MCUs) to the company’s expanding 8-bit S08 portfolio for consumer, industrial and automotive applications. These latest MCUs provide embedded designers with a wider choice of cost-effective 8-bit options supporting 5V operation, advanced motor control and an extended range of peripherals, from USB to LIN, to meet their application needs.

S08JM60 family: Freescale’s 8-bit USB MCU solution
The MC9S08JM60 devices add higher performance and integration to Freescale’s 8-bit embedded USB portfolio. The eight devices in this growing family feature a full-speed USB device controller, which enables customers to upgrade and standardize serial communications quickly. The S08JM60 family offers a 24MHz bus frequency along with up to 60KB of flash memory and a 12-channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The devices also include an integrated USB transceiver to help customers save cost, development time and board space by eliminating off-chip components.

The S08JM60 family includes several system protection features, such as low-voltage detection and a computer operating properly (COP) module. These features make the USB devices ideal for low-end industrial control applications that require high reliability and connectivity, such as PC peripherals, building and lighting control systems, testing and measurement equipment, and medical monitoring devices.

Freescale also offers extensive USB application notes and a complimentary “USB-Lite” software stack by CMX. This easy-to-use USB software helps developers get their USB applications up and running in minutes. Source code for the USB stack is also available, enabling developers to easily modify the software for their application needs.

S08SH family: Bringing 5V operation to the low end of 8-bit
Featuring 12 devices, the MC9S08SH8/4 family brings increased flexibility and a wide breadth of package offerings to Freescale’s 5V low-end 8-bit MCU portfolio. These highly integrated S08SH controllers are Freescale’s first low-pin-count S08 devices with a 20 MHz internal clock source (ICS). They also include a useful ganged output capability that enables developers to achieve higher current drive by toggling multiple pins using one bit. Rounding out the family’s highly integrated functionality are robust analog capabilities, a comprehensive set of serial modules, an on-chip temperature sensor and robust memory options, which are ideal for general-purpose, tethered consumer and industrial applications in the 2.7V to 5.5V range.

S08SG family: Entry-level S08 for automotive
The S08SG family includes four 8-bit MCUs designed for local interconnect network (LIN) slave, general market and space-constrained automotive applications. The MC9S08SG core operates at up to 40 MHz, stretching the boundaries of 8-bit performance into the range of 16-bit MCUs. The S08SG family offers on-chip emulation/debug that helps reduce development time by enabling developers to make software changes in real-time. The family’s high level of on-chip integration helps reduce development cost, saves board space and enhances system-level quality by eliminating the need for peripheral board components, such as external clock sources. Other notable features include low voltage inhibit (LVI) circuits, voltage regulators, I/O multiplexers, watchdog circuits and ADCs.

S08AC16 family: Ideal peripherals for motor control
Integrating Freescale’s industry-leading 0.25µ flash technology, the MC9S08AC16 family includes six devices that offer an upward migration path to MC9S08AW-based applications requiring higher performance, enhanced peripherals, additional memory and improved system security. The MC9S08AC16 adds a third timer PWM module (TPM), giving designers added clocking flexibility. Improvements to the serial communications interface (SCI) satisfy the designer’s need for integrated LIN functionality. The addition of a 1 kHz oscillator to the COP/watchdog timer provides an additional two timeout options, which helps enhance system security.

Additional noteworthy features include enhanced low-voltage warning, two serial communications interfaces (SCIs), a serial peripheral interface (SPI), an inter-integrated circuit (IIC), a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and ten programmable 16-bit timer channels with center-aligned pulse-width modulation (PWM) capability. The combination of high performance and on-chip integration makes the MC9S08AC16 family a perfect fit for many general embedded industrial control and consumer appliance applications.

Development support
Freescale’s CodeWarrior® Development Studio provides an array of built-in features and utilities to help developers speed delivery of higher quality products to market. For example, the Processor Expert(TM) rapid application design tool included in the CodeWarrior tool suite helps simplify the migration process between other Freescale MCUs.

To ease board design, Freescale offers full-featured evaluation and cost-effective demonstration kits for the JM, SH, SG and AC families. These kits are designed to help developers quickly learn about the MCUs and jumpstart application development. Development tools available include (all prices suggested resale USD):

  • JM60 demonstration board (DEMOJMSKT): $99
  • SH8 demonstration board (DEMO9S08SH8): $59
  • SG8 demonstration board (DEMO9S08SG8): $59
  • LIN daughter board (DEMO9S08LIN): $35
  • AC16 demonstration board (DEMO9S08AC60): $85

Pricing and availability
Freescale’s JM, SH, SG and AC family devices are available today. The suggested resale prices for Freescale’s latest 8-bit devices in 10,000-unit quantities start at (USD):

  • S08JM60: $2.90
  • S08SH8/4: $0.96
  • S08SG8/4: $1.35
  • S08AC16: $1.56

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