PDR Launches IR-XT5 Modular Rework System

Leading rework systems vendor, PDR, used Productronica 2007 as a platform to launch its hotly anticipated modular rework system – the IR-XT5 designed to deliver unparalleled flexibility for SMT/BGA rework. The system will give electronics manufacturers the freedom to specify exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, protecting their initial investments into the future and enabling them to build their capabilities as their needs grow.

Recognising the dynamics of the industry and the ever-changing needs of its customers PDR, pioneer of Focused IR technology, has long distinguished itself from other rework technology suppliers by providing its clients with modular equipment that can grow with their needs – and with their budgets. “After all”, as PDR’s managing director Roger Gibbs says, “why invest in all those bells and whistles before you really need them?”

Now, with its new IR-XT5, PDR sets a new standard in flexibility and modularity, taking all of the functionality of its existing systems plus some brilliant new developments, and rolling these all into a single platform that covers the entire price range for SMT/BGA rework. PDR’s fully-modular approach, with its specially designed new chassis, allows PDR’s customers to decide how much they want to spend, selecting exactly what they need from a massive range of features. Furthermore, their original investment is protected for the future as all the modules are IR-XT5 designed, so they can upgrade their capabilities as future needs dictate.

Roger Gibbs explains: “The basic IR-XT5 starts as a benchtop system and you can specify your way right up to the high end professional system. All configurations, right from the low cost version, come with our instantly controllable IR heaters, powerful but simple to use ThermoActiv V4 software and high-end closed loop automatic thermal control, which combined give you the simplest, safest and fastest rework solution in the industry. You simply choose what level you want to aim for and we tailor make your IR-XT5 especially for you.”

Depending on their volumes, business and the type of boards and components they are reworking, customers select from features such as the type of workholder – from simple or X-Y benchtop versions to PDR’s latest high-end professional workholder which, with its movements in X, Y and theta axes, is designed to handle even the tiniest components.

Similarly, there are three choices of pickup system, from a hand-held vacuum tool to PDR’s new professional, precision pick-up with improved mechanics, ergonomics and accuracy, as well as interchangeable heads that can deal with the very latest component technology including BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs and QFNs.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the pick-up system will be specified with or without a vision system, and here too, PDR has improved its offering: clients can opt for PDR’s new state-of-the-art split beam prism BGA alignment system and can choose to further augment this with auxiliary process observation – a secondary camera with high magnification, oblique viewing and enhanced illumination that views the BGA being reflowed.

PDR even provides a selection of heat sensors, including contact sensors, its innovative non-contact IR sensor, or its brand-new professional IR sensor with centred LED targeting that can focus a measuring spot as small as 2mm on the component to be reworked, recording the temperature accurately on even the smallest CSP device.

Together with these features, PDR offers options such as component nests for precision in component picking, new improved backheating and preheating and a host of other functions and features that combine to make the IR-XT5 quite simply the most versatile, flexible, best-designed BGA rework solution the electronics industry has ever seen.

About PDR
Since 1986 PDR has pioneered the use of Focused Infra-Red (FIR) technology in SMT rework equipment, including the world’s first hand held IR soldering/desoldering tool, called SolderLight. With over 3,500 installations worldwide, PDR systems are used by many of the world’s leading OEMs and EMS providers. As developed by PDR, FIR technology simplifies the soldering/desoldering process. And the passive nature of infra-red heat makes it much less likely to damage components or substrates. Additionally, nozzles and tips, which are an expensive part of other systems, are eliminated. Today, PDR manufactures the extensive range of own branded SMT/BGA rework systems, including Lightmaster Pro, SolderLight, 1400 Series, 1500 Series and the new IR-XT5 – each aimed at repairing fine pitch components with safety and simplicity.