SEGGER, Jungo Team on USB Host Mass Storage Solution for Devices

SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH, a global provider of software development tools and middleware for embedded systems; and Jungo Software Technologies, a leading provider of USB connectivity software solutions, announced their fifth joint customer design win. The partnership joins Jungo’s USBware(TM) Embedded USB Software Protocol Stack with SEGGER’s embOS(TM) Real Time Operating System and emFile(TM) FAT-compliant File System.

This integration includes USB host, device and OTG (on-the-go) connectivity. It provides all available class and function drivers, including audio, video, CDC (Communication Device Class), MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), HID (Human Interface Device) and DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade).

“The combination of SEGGER’s embOS/emFile with Jungo’s USBware provides a powerful solution that allows developers to be productive instantly,” said Rolf Segger, President and CEO of SEGGER.

“Jungo’s collaboration with SEGGER, which has already been proven to be successful, allows both companies to offer complete embedded software,” says Ophir Herbst, VP & General Manager of Jungo’s Connectivity Software Unit. “This is an important turnkey solution,” Herbst says.

About SEGGER’s embOS(TM) and emFile(TM)
SEGGER’s embOS(TM) supports all common 8/16/32-bit CPUs and has become one of the most popular kernels. It has constantly increased its market share in recent years and is used with a variety of network stacks. Its small memory footprint makes it suitable for single-chip applications. embOS(TM) is available as source or object code, royalty-free, and comes with six months of free technical support and updates. A ready to go project that features embOSView (profiling support) is included. emFile(TM), an embedded ANSI C file system is compatible with any CPU and any media. Its high-performance library has been optimized for speed, versatility and memory footprint. A variety of device drivers is available for storage devices such as: SmartMedia, Multimedia/Secure Digital, RAM disk, Compact Flash/IDE, NOR Flash and NAND Flash.

About Jungo’s USBware
Jungo’s USBware(TM) offers complete, high quality, industry compliant embedded USB Host/Device/On-The-Go (OTG) software protocol stacks, enabling device manufacturers to incorporate standard USB connectivity in their designs. Designed to suit the diversity of embedded platforms, USBware’s modular architecture encompasses three software layers: low level controller driver (HAL), USB Core, and Class Drivers (Mass Storage, HID, Serial, CDC, Audio, Printer and others). All levels can support additional custom devices. Jungo’s USBware is provided in ANSI C source code and features extensive documentation and support services with royalty-free distribution rights.

SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH develops and distributes software development tools and ANSI C software components (middleware) for embedded systems in industries such as telecom, medical technology, consumer electronics, automotive and industrial automation. SEGGER’s products include emWin(TM), a universal graphic software for embedded applications, embOS(TM), a small and efficient real-time kernel, emFile(TM), a MS-DOS/MS-Windows compatible FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 compatible file system for embedded applications and J-Link(TM), the standard emulator for ARM cores. SEGGER’s aim is to reduce development time for embedded software applications by offering compact, flexible and easy-to-use middleware allowing developers to concentrate on their applications.

About Jungo
Jungo Ltd., an NDS Group Company, is a leading provider of residential and business gateway software platforms and applications. This includes software platforms for residential gateways (OpenRG(TM)) and for small and medium businesses (OpenSMB(TM)). These software platforms enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bring residential, triple play and office-in-a-box gateways, and firewall/VPN routers. Jungo also offers extensive connectivity software solutions for USB and PCI, including WinDriver(TM), a driver development toolkit that enables creation of custom device drivers that can run on a variety of operating systems without modification; and USBware, a complete embedded USB software protocol stack, allowing device manufactures to incorporate standard USB OTG/Host/Device connectivity easily into their designs. In addition, Jungo provides USBTester(TM), a software based USB testing solution that enables USB developers to quickly validate device functionality.

About NDS
NDS Group plc (NASDAQ: NNDS), a majority owned subsidiary of News Corporation, supplies open end-to-end digital technology and services to digital pay-television platform operators and content providers.