Quantum3D Launches Thermite TVC-3.0 Tactical Visual Computer

Quantum3D®, Inc., a leading provider of COTS, open architecture, realtime visual computing solutions, at the 2007 Inter-service/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), announced that the Company’s third generation Thermite® Tactical Visual Computer (TVC-3.0) Model 1000, in both deployable units and development kits, is now available for purchase. Designed to compliment the Thermite TVC-2.0 family by providing a range of higher performance models that are optimized for deployed, extended environment, vehicle-mount and man-wearable advanced visual computing applications that include embedded training and mission rehearsal, 3D enabled C4ISR, sensor processing and C2 that require desktop level visual computing performance in a small form-factor, conduction-cooled, mil-spec rugged system. Examples of such performance intensive applications include RealWorld(TM) from Total Immersion Software® and 3D-enabled C4ISR applications such as C3D(TM) from CG2®.

To support these performance intensive requirements, Thermite TVC-3.0 systems, including the Model 1000, are available with CPU/memory modules equipped with the latest Intel® mobile processors including Core(TM)2 Duo processors with up to 4 gigabytes of high performance system memory, graphics modules with either NVIDIA® or AMD® advanced mobile 2D/3D GPUs with up to 256 megabytes of memory and FPGA-based processing subsystems including Quantum3D’s Eidetix(TM) advanced, COTS video capture and display subsystems.

The Thermite TVC-3.0 family features a highly modular architecture with support for both Microsoft® Windows®XP Embedded and Linux® operating systems that enables Quantum3D to tailor the system to meet a wide range of customer performance and functional requirements. The Thermite TVC-3.0′s modular design also enables the system to address obsolescence issues that plague competitive small form-factor systems by accommodating technology insertion of new CPU/memory, graphics, storage, FPGA processing, video capture and display, networking and I/O modules.

To facilitate ease-of-use in classified or sensitive data applications and/or in applications where rapid mission software or data updates are required, select models within the Thermite TVC-3.0 family are now available with either internal or removable drive bays. In addition, the Thermite TVC-3.0 family includes models designed to support either 12 Volt DC hot-swap battery powered operation or Mil-Std-1275 vehicle power options, along with a wide array of commercial and military/aerospace I/O and networking interface modules including IEEE 802.11, cellular modem, Bluetooth, GPS, synchronous and asynchronous serial I/O, USB 2.0, CANBus and Mil-Std-1553B. With its combination of advanced performance and flexible configuration options, Thermite TVC-3.0 once again sets the standard as the most powerful and most flexible COTS Tactical Visual Computer available on the market today.

Compared to Thermite TVC-2.0, which remains the visual computing performance leader in its class, Thermite TVC-3.0 models can deliver up to three times the CPU performance, four times the memory capacity with double the memory bandwidth and between four to eight times the graphics performance and two to four times the video capture and processing performance— which enables these new systems to deliver watershed performance on demanding embedded training and the next generation of C4ISR, C2, surveillance and sensor processing applications. This level of visual computing performance has previously never been possible in an embedded, conduction-cooled system.

Optimized for vehicle-mount applications, the initial Thermite TVC-3.0 Model 1000 supports Mil-Std-1275 9 – 36 Volt DC power and is available with either internal or removable drive bay options. The Model 1000 features an Intel Core2 Duo LV 1.6 GHz Processor module with 4 MB of L2 Cache and 2 GB of System Memory, along with an NVIDIA G73GL-based GPU Module with 256 MB of dedicated graphics memory. The Model 1000 also includes an Eidetix Video Capture and Processing Subsystem, Gigabit Ethernet and support for both synchronous and asynchronous serial communications. Other features of the Model 1000 are described in the product’s datasheet, which is available for download.

“Technology insertion and flexibility is a key factor for success in COTS systems and we’ve implemented the greatest degree of modularity possible in Thermite TVC-3.0 to support tech insertion as insurance against component obsolescence and to provide ‘tailorability’ for mission-specific configurations,” said Ross Q. Smith, Quantum3D Cofounder and President. “Thermite TVC-3.0 is designed to compliment the Thermite TVC-2.0 family, not replace it, by delivering substantially higher compute, graphics, video and I/O performance for those applications that really need it.”

About the Thermite TVC Family
The Thermite TVC is the first multi-role, small formfactor, COTS family of tactical computers specifically designed to enable PC-based, 2D/3D graphics and video-intensive, network-centric C4ISR, C2, UVcontrol, embedded training, maintenance and mission rehearsal applications to be deployed in extended environment vehicle-based and manwearable applications. The Thermite TVC family supports open-architecture PC operating systems and features advanced embedded computing, 2D/3D mobile graphics, video capture-and-display, and low-power consumption for long battery life. The Thermite TVC family also supports extensive commercial and military power and I/O options including GPS, wireless network and tactical radios— all packaged in a lightweight, conduction-cooled, alloy enclosure for operation in Mil-Std-810F, Mil-Std-461E and Mil-Std-1275 extended environments. The Thermite TVC-2.0 and TVC-3.0 family includes a range of models tailored to meet the specific needs of man-wearable and vehicle-based ground, naval and airborne visual computing applications. The combination of these unique capabilities allows system integrators employing Thermite to rapidly bring the power of PC-based workstation applications to forward operations, which is why U.S. military, allied governments and leading international companies have selected Thermite TVC-2.0, TVC-3.0 and their companion Farsight® Tactical Handheld Displays for deployment in extended-environment military and civilian applications.

Quantum3D Thermite TVC-3.0 and Pricing and Availability
International, single unit pricing for Thermite TVC-3.0 Model 1000 systems starts at under $15,000 USD and is available for delivery with standard lead times in low volumes. First customer shipments of Thermite TVC-3.0 production units for vehicle-mount applications are slated for Q108 with ExpeditionDI(TM) technology insertion and other man-wearable solutions slated for later in 2008. Thermite TVC-3.0 Development Kits designed to assist system integrators with migrating desktop PC visual computing applications to deployed environments are also available for ordering.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D is an industry-leading small business supplier of COTS, open-architecture, realtime visual computing software and hardware products for the Embedded Visual Computing (EVC), Deployable High Performance Computing (DHPC), Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Training (ET) markets. Quantum3D’s products include advanced Image Generation (IG) solutions, realtime scene management software and synthetic environment content, FAA DO-178B Level A certifiable visual computing application development and deployment software, and tactical, embedded and industrial visual computing systems and subsystems for C2/C4ISR, machine vision, sensor processing, unmanned vehicle operator control and embedded training applications. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California.

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