Simcom Wireless, eDevice Team on GSM/GPRS Module with AT# Interface

Simcom Wireless Solutions Limited (“Simcom Wireless”), the leading provider of wireless communication module solutions and eDevice, the leading provider of complete M2M solutions, announce that they enter into partnership to provide the market with powerful GSM/GPRS modules with AT# Internet interface.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in the availability of eDevice’s packaged TCP/IP solution, including integrated email (POP3 / SMTP) & FTP clients and TCP & UDP sockets, in new SIM305 and SIM345 modules manufactured by Simcom Wireless. For the first time in the wireless market, a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module will natively offer AT# commands making it easier and faster for OEMs to integrate TCP/IP enabled wireless connectivity.

The availability of TCP/IP technology in M2M applications enables significant reduction in both communication and development costs and delivers the benefits of using standard non-proprietary tools. The TCP/IP stack, driven through eDevice’s industry standard AT# interface, does not require external programming or drivers, is optimised in terms of size and functionality, and is considered by M2M developers as the best-of-breed solution. The AT# interface is already running on more than 2 millions of wireless modules.

“The decision to partner with eDevice was a natural one. eDevice has the best packaged TCP/IP solution in the M2M market and the way we have built this partnership which includes making the new SIM305 and SIM345 AT# compatible allows Simcom Wireless to provide a unique product offering for M2M applications” adds Derick Tsang, General Manager of Simcom Wireless.

“We recognize Simcom Wireless as a major player in the wireless modules market and are excited about our partnership with them, which will make our award-winning technology available to millions of developers and users of M2M products worldwide” said Marc Berrebi, CEO of eDevice.

About Shanghai Simcom Wireless Solutions Limited
Shanghai Simcom Wireless Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of SIM Technology Group Ltd, is leading in design and manufacture of high quality wireless modules with different technology platforms in GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSDPA and TD-SCDMA. In Year 2006, the wireless module shipment volume from Simcom Wireless has placed the company in No.1 position in Asia and No.3 in the worldwide market. By partnering with 3rd parties, Simcom Wireless supplies many customized design solutions in M2M applications as AMR, AVL, Security, and in WLL applications, including GSM FWT, FWP and GSM PABX and POS. Simcom Wireless also provides ODM services for customers like HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE PC card, USB modem and GPS tracking solutions.

About eDevice
eDevice has been developing and marketing inexpensive and compact Internet connectivity solutions since 1999. The low price of eDevice solutions means they can be used for communication with any type of electronic equipment leading to more than 2 million products already on the field. They solve all problems encountered by designers of new products wishing to incorporate an Internet or mobile network connection. eDevice’s solutions’ simplicity and user-friendliness allow developers and users to fully exploit the power of the Internet in all product designs.