Dolomite Names Craig Ranger US Business Development Manager

Dolomite, a world leader in the emerging technology of microfluidics, has appointed Craig Ranger to the position of U.S. Business Development Manager. In this leading strategic role, Craig will be heading the effort to establish development partnerships and managing customer relations for Dolomite’s microfluidic capabilities and services in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Microfluidics, sometimes called lab-on-a-chip, is an exciting new field of science and engineering that enables very small-scale fluid control and analysis, allowing instrument manufacturers to develop smaller, more cost-effective and more powerful systems. With lab-on-a-chip technology, entire complex chemical management and analysis systems are created in a microfluidic chip and interfaced with electronic and optical detection systems.

“This is an exciting development for us,” said Gillian Davis, Commercial Director of Dolomite. “Craig’s appointment reflects the increasing level of interest we are experiencing around the world from customers interested in working with us to bring their microfluidic concepts to market. I am delighted to welcome Craig on board as he brings to the company not only a strong background in business development, but also extensive experience in the development and commercialization of micro-scale continuous flow instrumentation, primarily for automated chemical analysis. Having people on board with a broad technical background is particularly important to a company, such as Dolomite, which offers a service with an extremely wide application base, including environmental monitoring, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, nuclear fuels reprocessing and forensic science.”

Craig Ranger has over 30 years of experience in automated chemistry. As founder and CEO of Lachat Instruments, he led the efforts in development, marketing and sales of three generations of innovative continuous flow systems. As president of Seal Analytical, he introduced automated discrete analysis technology to the U.S. market. Most recently, Craig led the effort at a major environmental instrument company in the development of a microfluidics based chemistry analyzer.

“I first experienced Dolomite as a customer and had such a positive professional experience with their team, that I asked to join it,” said Craig Rainger. “Having searched around the world for a partner in microfluidics that was able to take a total systems design perspective in order to deliver a fully functional product, I truly appreciate Dolomite’s comprehensive capabilities and consultative product development process. What I came to appreciate is that developing a product with the many advantages of microfluidics is not just about chip design, but must incorporate attention to the entire continuum of sample processing from pre-treatment, introduction, reaction, detection and fraction collection.”

Dolomite is able to offer a complete service to customers from problem conceptualization and feasibility testing through to full instrument design and development. This one-stop-shop model sets Dolomite apart from most other micro-fabrication firms. Dolomite is able to offer microfabrication and microfluidics together with instrument design and development capabilities.

Craig’s appointment is just the beginning of Dolomite’s efforts to meet the demand from U.S. and Canadian customers for a partner they can work with to bring their concepts for microfluidic products to market. Dolomite plans to attend several U.S. conferences over the next year including, LabAutomation 2008 in Palm Springs and PittCon 2008 in New Orleans and to hold webinars to provide education on the power of microfluidics to achieve performance levels never before possible.

Dolomite will be exhibiting at the UK NanoForum on the 27th November 2007. This is a one-day conference and exhibition that will bring over 100 senior international delegates from more than 20 countries together with the best of the UK’s nanotechnology community. It is to be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. The event includes keynote addresses, themed workshops, an exhibition showcasing more than 60 UK nanotechnology companies/universities and extensive partnering opportunities.With a focus on trade, investment and collaborations, UK NanoForum 2007 will provide a networking forum for industry, academia, venture capitalists, technology purchasers and those seeking to develop joint ventures.

About Dolomite
Established in 2005, Dolomite is focused on working with customers to turn their concepts for microfluidic applications into reality. With an in-depth understanding of chemistry and the life sciences, expertise in microfabrication and microfluidics, together with instrument design and development capabilities, Dolomite is enabling some of the world’s top providers in fields as diverse as environmental monitoring, drug discovery and forensic science to deliver microfluidic systems to the market place.