Wavesat's Chipset Powers WiMAX Network in France

Sloka Telecom, an Indian wireless infrastructure company, announced that their WiMAX base stations and network solutions are deployed by Supernet Technologies (an RT Networx Company) in the town of Saint Medard en Jalles of France. The trials were successful and the deployment starts in December 2007. Sloka Telecom’s WiMAX equipment is powered by Wavesat’s chipset.

“We have selected Sloka’s WiMAX portfolio of base stations and network solutions because it is the most advanced and powerful 5.8GHz WiMAX solution available on the market,” said Manish Rai, COO, Supernet Technologies. Sloka’s innovative architecture in making base stations has helped Supernet in cutting down their capital and operating expenditures.

Ratseri Campy, Founder and President of RT Networx of France, says, “We are the first company in Europe to deploy 5.8GHz network in France. Our town of Saint Medard en Jalles is now a model town for more of such deployments. After this success many more cities of France will now deploy 5.8GHz WIMAX networks.”

Supernet and RT Networx have experience in deploying wireless networks in France and in Europe for over 7 years now. Sujai Karampuri believes this is a unique opportunity for Sloka Telecom to work closely with well-trenched system integrators in France. He remarks, “We shall continue to provide the cost-effective and appropriate solutions for carriers and subscribers in emerging markets.”

Sloka Telecom has partnered with Wavesat to bring 5.8 GHz solutions to the market. Sujai Karampuri comments, “Our unique expertise in the design of base station allows us to build from Wavesat’s Evolutive(TM) platform to offer small form factor, low cost and feature-rich base stations.”

“We are thrilled that Wavesat’s technology will be part of the first 5.8 GHz deployment in France”, added Vijay Dube, President and COO of Wavesat. “Sloka Telecom has demonstrated both its expertise and motivation in delivering a base station based on our 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design.”

According to Manish Rai of Supernet, the sustained decrease in cost and increased robustness of WiMAX solutions are likely to encourage service providers to offer various applications and services to end users. Supernet’s 5.8 GHz WIMAX network deployments have undergone rapid evolutions in numerous aspects including security, multiple service offerings, and unified architectures.

About Sloka Telecom
Sloka Telecom is a privately held wireless infrastructure company focused on supplying equipment to wireless carriers, operators and service providers in emerging markets and developing countries. Founded in 2004, Sloka Telecom is headquartered in Bangalore, India, housing its R&D activities. Sloka is a pioneer in providing solutions for next generation wireless networks. Sloka offers its fixed/nomadic WiMAX IEEE802.16-2004 portfolio of products consisting of Base Stations, CPEs, AAA and NMS. Sloka specializes in making compact, all outdoor, cost-effective, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage base stations giving the same coverage but configurable capacity to suit requirements of most emerging market deployments and small-to-medium WISP deployments.

About Supernet Technologies
Supernet Technologies is a Wireless broadband solutions company, developing technology to deploy networks for broadband wireless communications over the Internet-from the “first leap” to the last mile. Supernet Technologies develops, manufactures, and distributes extended range of Wi-Fi, WIMAX and WiFibre infrastructure equipment that provides the lowest total cost of coverage in large-scale mobile workforce and metropolitan network access environments. We employs patented Base Stations and advanced 3-Dimensional antenna technologies to the 802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.16d/e wireless standard to improve performance over more traditional approaches. Our base stations provide the next-generation, carrier-grade all-in-one fixed and mobile broadband technology. We gives a complete low-cost, high-end solution offering high capacity of up to 20,000 subscribers, seamless mobility/roaming at virtually any speed, large coverage areas with the use of specialized 3-dimensional antennas and the least network delay of any existing mobile broadband network technology.

About Wavesat
Wavesat is a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing WiMAX chipsets, software and development platforms, enabling OEMs and ODMs to be first to market with high performance and cost effective WiMAX compliant solutions. Featuring the first WiMAX Forum certified CPE design; Wavesat provides solutions for each WiMAX market segment from Fixed to Mobility:

  • Fixed (access points, backhaul, DSL extensions) with 802.16d Evolutive(TM) solutions
  • Nomadic & Portable (fixed system to include high-speed connectivity for laptop and portable applications) with 802.16d+ Evolutive(TM) products
  • Full mobility with 802.16e UMobile(TM) WiBro/WiMAX product family