GAORFID Announces Sirit INfinity 510 RFID Readers

GAORFID Inc. announces a selection of award-winning Sirit Gen 2 RFID Readers. The Sirit INfinity 510, offered by GAO RFID, ranked 1st or 2nd in 6 out of 7 performances test categories in ODIN Technologies Benchmark tests. Sirit’s RFID readers are built around exclusive subsystems engineered to handle high levels of interference, environmental noise and RFID activity. These Gen 2 readers are well known for their multi-protocol agility, multi-regional flexibility, and programmability. They read all EPC compliant tags and they are backed by industry certifications of interoperability and compliance with industry standards.

GAO RFID’s Sirit Readers employ listen before talk ports (LBT) capable of handling 1 to 4 read antennae with a capacity of 400 or more tag reads at a time. Software included provides extensive control over reader capabilities and behavior, full antenna behavior control, an optional I/O control module, full spectrum analyzer, and a reader diagnostic tool. This unit is ideal in industrial applications such as supply chain, warehouse logistics, container tracking, asset management, pallet tracking, and baggage handling.

About GAO RFID Inc.
GAO RFID Inc. is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions to end users and solution providers worldwide. GAO RFID combines best of breed with low cost RFID readers, RFID tags and enabling-RFID software. GAORFID helps customers bring quality RFID solutions quickly to market. GAO RFID’s solutions are built on more than 15 years of technology expertise of the GAO Group GAO RFID solutions use multiple frequencies, LF/HF/UHF, multiple protocols and are compliant with global standards. GAO RFID’s products and services are easily customized for use in Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Event Management, Access Control, Livestock Tracking, Inventory Control & Management, Field Service, Maintenance, Asset Tracking and Document Authentication.