ADENEO, TRANGO Virtual Processors Showcase Embedded CE Platform for PoS

ADENEO and TRANGO Virtual Processors(TM) announced a Windows Embedded CE® solution demonstration at the Cartes trade show in Paris. This innovative demonstration highlights the opportunity OEMs now have to securely integrate Windows Embedded CE onto their PoS (Point of Sale) platforms.

Further to their partnership announcement earlier this year, ADENEO and TRANGO Virtual Processors have jointly developed a demonstration that consists of a secure payment application running in parallel with Windows Embedded CE 5.0 on an ARM-based single-core platform. The key values this demo highlights are the TRANGO Hypervisor’s ability to isolate and protect user interface elements such as the display and keypad during the payment process, which is critical for PCI-PED certification, while ADENEO delivers fast time-to-market through its expertise in Windows CE integration.

Dual-core vs. single-core with TRANGO Hypervisor and custom Windows CE BSP from ADENEO
With the TRANGO Hypervisor providing isolation it is possible to run a rich OS such as Windows Embedded CE on a single-core platform in parallel with security-certified applications. This architecture provides the same functionality, security, and certification process as a dual-core or dual-chip platform.

“With this demonstration, we have taken another significant step forward in the integration of Windows CE onto PoS platforms. Along with its security benefits, the TRANGO Hypervisor is highly flexible, which creates the opportunity for customers to design a wide-range of certified platforms in a very short amount of time,” said Nicolas Coudert, Windows Embedded Marketing Manager at ADENEO.

“Thanks to ADENEO’S expertise on the Windows Embedded CE platform, we have demonstrated that the Windows Embedded CE operating system is ready to be integrated onto single-core PoS terminal platforms, with a significant cost savings and much faster time to market than existing solutions,” stated Andry Ramiandrasoa, Marketing and Communication Manager at TRANGO Virtual Processors.

ADENEO is a leading design centre for complete hardware and software custom design. ADENEO offers complete turnkey solutions for embedded markets such as medical, avionics, transportation, retail and industrial control. With nine years of experience in Windows Embedded CE, and thanks to its partnerships with silicon vendors and Microsoft, ADENEO is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting feature-rich high-end products. Its facilities located in Europe and North America provides strong local support to its customers worldwide.

About TRANGO Virtual Processors
TRANGO Virtual Processors is a leading provider of embedded processor virtualization solutions, licensing TRANGO Hypervisor IP to major semiconductor and device manufacturers. The company helps customers create robust security architectures, deploy new value-added services, and reduce development and bill-of-material costs. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, TRANGO Virtual Processors has sales and support offices in strategic locations around the world.