IBM Simulates Embedded Processor Cores with Virtutech Simics

Virtutech, Inc., a leading provider of virtualized software development solutions for electronic systems, announced that its Simics(TM) product has been selected by IBM to create advanced, system-level simulation models for IBM’s next-generation embedded processor cores, beginning with the PowerPC 464FP core. As part of a broader strategic roadmap designed to support its Power Architecture(TM) ecosystem, IBM will be able to leverage the high-performance virtualized development environment provided by Simics to enable software development well ahead of silicon availability, offering quality, productivity and time-to-market advantages for IBM customers. Virtutech will provide an advanced software development infrastructure for Power Architecture-based systems in the near future.

In selecting a simulation platform, IBM’s Global Engineering Solutions division sought an advanced simulation technology that could deliver true functionality at the system level. Virtutech Simics emerged as an optimal solution because it offers simulation and the right level of abstraction at the Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) stage and provides a superior tool for software development.

This announcement marks the latest milestone in IBM and Virtutech’s commitment to advance the development and adoption of IBM Power Architecture – a relationship that began with the use of Simics in the development of the POWER6 platform and then progressed to the incorporation of the IBM Mambo processor models into Simics.

“By selecting Virtutech Simics, IBM is positioned to provide a comprehensive simulation solution to its customers and ecosystems for its embedded Power Architecture,” said Steve Longoria, vice president of Semiconductor Platforms, IBM. “By collaborating with Virtutech to provide our customers with simulated models of embedded cores, we are not only enabling effective system level design, but are also supporting fundamental process changes across our ecosystem.”

As a company that has been driving innovation in the development of solutions for Power Architecture based systems, Virtutech also offers IBM the benefits of a pre-existing, extensive library of Power Architecture IP.

“The Virtutech Simics product greatly enhances the development process with IBM’s Power Architecture cores for hardware and software co-design, all through a sophisticated virtualized platform environment that runs on standard laptops and PCs. This capability can provide tremendous benefits for companies including reduced time to market and increased product quality at launch,” said Michael Paczan,’s technical committee chairman.

“With this announcement, Virtutech is solidifying its leadership in providing an advanced software development infrastructure for Power Architecture based systems and demonstrating the value of virtualized software development, not simply as a development tool but as an integral part of an advanced development infrastructure,” said John Lambert, chief executive officer, Virtutech. “As Virtutech deepens its collaboration efforts with leading Power Architecture semiconductor companies like IBM, we will undoubtedly see Simics emerge as the premier enablement technology for those looking to fundamentally rethink and improve their software development processes in the face of increasingly complex systems.”

Virtutech Simics is currently available. The Simics virtualized development environment for the PowerPC 464FP will be available in Q4 2007. For more information on the technology, call 408-392-9150.

About Virtutech
Virtutech, Inc. is the leading provider of virtualized software development solutions. Virtutech’s flagship solution Simics models electronic systems with high performance and fidelity, providing a programmer-friendly environment throughout the product development lifecycle. Simics eliminates software developers’ dependence on hardware and drives concurrent hardware and software development, enabling its customers to optimize productivity, experience lower capital expenditure, accelerate time to market, improve the quality of the released product and reduce project risk. Virtutech serves the needs of the world’s leading OEMs, ISV and semiconductor companies in the high-performance computing, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and networking industries. Their customers include Cisco, Freescale, Honeywell, IBM and General Electric Aviation. Virtutech is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.

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