RadiSys Launches Procelerant RMS420-5000XS Embedded Quad-Core Server

RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, announced the introduction of a new Procelerant® Quad-core embedded server, the industry’s first server to incorporate the latest Intel® Quad-core Xeon® processors. Ideally suited for medical and other imaging, test and measurement, and other digital signal processing applications, the Procelerant RMS420-5000XSL Quad-core server supports powerful image processing at a higher resolution and with greater speed than previous embedded servers.

The latest addition to the RadiSys portfolio of high-performance Procelerant embedded servers, the RMS420-5000XSL Quad-core server is a long-life, stable solution designed to provide superior processing for high-quality images, efficient product performance and improved workflow. Multiple cores enable highly efficient parallel processing, allowing users to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously rather than serially. An exceptionally low level of acoustic noise enables the compact server to be mounted in close proximity to users, an essential in medical imaging applications.

Highlights of the new Procelerant RMS420-5000XS Quad-core server:

  • Supports Dual graphics/co-processor cards for enhanced graphical output and/or accelerated performance
  • Quiet, compact server eliminates the need for a separate enclosure to reduce noise
  • Full RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance meets European Union regulatory requirements
  • Greater processing power for the same cost helps manage operating budget

“In order to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive, rapidly changing market, equipment manufacturers need the ability to immediately take advantage of processor improvements when they become available. That’s why RadiSys works closely with our imaging customers to ensure that we understand their requirements and have the most powerful products ready when they need them,” said Michael Reunert, senior marketing manager, RadiSys. “This latest Quad-core embedded server further underscores RadiSys’ ongoing leadership in the development of embedded servers for imaging applications.”

The new RMS420-5000XS Quad-core server will be available in late 2007.

About RadiSys
RadiSys (NASDAQ:RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, RadiSys helps OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. RadiSys products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms and turn-key systems, which are used in today’s complex computing, processing and network intensive applications.

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