Nallatech Showcases Slipstream FSB FPGA Module at Supercomputing

Nallatech, the domain expert in high-performance FPGA computing solutions, announced that it will showcase its ‘Slipstream’ Front Side Bus (FSB) FPGA module and conduct joint demonstrations with partners Xilinx and Mitrionics at Supercomputing 2007. Nallatech is the first licensee of the Xilinx Front Side Bus FPGA-based acceleration solution. Nallatech’s ‘Slipstream’ module features the latest 65nm Virtex-5 FPGA technology from Xilinx and supplies high speed direct access to the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 7300 processor-based server allowing users to significantly accelerate the performance of computationally intensive algorithms whilst reducing latency and overall system power consumption.

Attendees visiting the Nallatech booth (number 161) will see a live product demonstration of Nallatech’s Slipstream module directly interfacing to the 64-bit FSB running at 1066MHz in partnership with Xilinx.

Product and Solution Demonstrations:

  • Nallatech’s FSB-FPGA Slipstream Module
  • Live data transactions across the 64-bit 1066MHz FSB interface to the Virtex-5 FPGA
  • FSB Interface bandwidth and latency characterization
  • ANSI-C to FPGA Toolflow demonstration
  • Mitrionics Gravit Demonstration
  • Showing how an existing application can be greatly accelerated when ran on the Mitrion Virtual Processor in an FPGA compared to a CPU
  • The core of the application is a computationally intense n-body calculation, which lends itself well to being accelerated using an FPGA
  • The demonstration graphically illustrates the benefits of the combinations of Nallatech FPGA technology and The Mitrion Virtual Processor

Nallatech will also be showcasing its H100 series of solutions and its newly launched Virtex-5 PCI Express compute card.

“Nallatech has been working closely with Xilinx and Intel to make this technology a reality and address the growing demand for FSB-based accelerator technology. We are therefore delighted to be demonstrating our Slipstream FSB-FPGA module at Supercomputing 2007,” said Craig Anderson, CEO of Nallatech. “There are ever-increasing demands from customers for improved algorithm acceleration and reduced power consumption and the Slipstream module allows us to meet those needs while at the same time providing the inherent flexibility of an FPGA-based system.”

“Nallatech is the first licensee of the ACP M1 reference design and the combination of the Xilinx 65nm Virtex-5 FPGA coupled with high speed direct access to Intel’s FSB interface on the Slipstream module allows users to accelerate their compute intensive applications,” said Ivo Bolsens, CTO of Xilinx. “By providing a commercially available FSB-FPGA product, Nallatech is addressing the urgent need in the server market for algorithmic acceleration solutions.”

“By taking advantage of a physical connection to the FSB and the Intel QuickAssist Technology Accelerator Abstraction Layer (AAL), the Nallatech ‘Slipstream’ module gives customers a powerful and flexible FPGA-based solution for Intel platforms,” said Lorie Wigle, Advanced Technologies Director, Intel Corporation. “By accelerating performance of demanding applications while reducing latency and power consumption, the Nallatech ‘Slipstream’ module provides a powerful FPGA co-processing solution for Intel platforms.”

“Mitrionics has been a partner and supporter of Nallatech’s products for several years with our software acceleration platform,” said Anders Dellson CEO of Mitrionics Inc. “Their latest FSB-FPGA module is an excellent fit for the growing acceleration market because it provides both an industry-supported architecture and flexible design. Mitrionics sees strong value in Nallatech’s latest offering and looks forward to continuing our close cooperation and collaboration.”

Pricing and Availability
Nallatech ‘Slipstream’ development platforms are shipping now through its early access program and commercial solutions will be available in Q108. Pricing is available on request.

To view a demo or speak to a Nallatech representative at SC07, please visit Nallatech’s booth, number 161.

About Nallatech
Nallatech is the domain expert in high performance FPGA computing, helping address the challenges of delivering improved price/performance, increased performance-density and reduced power consumption. Nallatech addresses these needs, enabling applications to be accelerated using FPGA compute technology.

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