Solicore's Embedded Power Security Solutions Drive Market

Every day, businesses, financial institutions and consumers rely on computer networks for sensitive tasks, sending private information across the perilous cyberspace — an area haunted by identity thieves. This reliance on electronic networks to facilitate secure transactions and their highly-publicized breaches has led directly to an imperative need for increasingly sophisticated security systems in the form of Powered Cards and Dynamic or One Time Password (OTP) security cards. According to a recent study by NanoMarkets, LC, the market for thin-film and printable batteries is projected to expand to a $5.6 billion dollar industry through 2015, a growth of over 40,000 percent from today.

Solicore has recognized this demand for superior security and responded with its portfolio of ultra-thin lithium polymer Flexion® batteries for embedded power solutions. The market for a new generation of security devices has expanded into the Smart Card market at an exponential rate, putting pressure on companies to respond with convenient, portable and innovative solutions. At less than half a millimeter thick, Flexion batteries provide the ideal source to power a wide range of card-style security devices.

“Solicore-powered cards provide consumers with an extra layer of functionality and security in an easy-to-use format, making this security effortless for companies to provide,” says Solicore CEO David Corey. “As the only batteries on the market that are paper-thin, flexible, heat/pressure resistant and environmentally friendly, our globally-patented Flexion batteries have secured a sizable portion of the expanding international market for Solicore.”

November 13-15, 2007, Solicore will be demonstrating their embedded power solutions in booth 4M008 during the annual Cartes & IDentification 2007, the largest tradeshow in the industry. The conference is held each year in Paris, France, the birthplace of the Smart Card industry, making it a fitting site for authorities in the industry, such as Solicore, to come together.

Most recently, Solicore has emerged as a major player in the Asian market, securing a strategic partnership with one of the largest Chinese contract manufacturers that brings Solicore access to the entire Chinese market. Solicore has also formed relationships with companies in Japan and Korea, countries well-known for early adoption of advanced technology. In Korea, Solicore’s partners are working to fulfill a government mandate requiring the use of Smart Card security technology by financial institutions.

“Financial transactions cross geo-political borders so frequently it is virtually impossible to monitor the network for potential incidences of identity theft or fraud,” says Corey. “The need to secure these transactions has driven the market for OTP and Smart Cards extremely quickly, and Solicore has been at the forefront of that expansion as a leading source of power for that market. Our innovative patented technologies have allowed us to anticipate growth in the market and be there with immediate solutions.”

About Solicore, Inc.
Solicore is a worldwide leader of embedded power solutions, offering its Flexion® product portfolio of advanced ultra-thin flexible lithium polymer batteries for powered cards, RFID and micro medical devices. Solicore’s advanced battery technology is ultra-thin, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly, and significantly enhances the capabilities of lithium-based batteries.