Sybase iAnywhere Powers RFID Industry

Sybase iAnywhere announced continuing momentum for the adoption of its leading RFID Anywhere® software infrastructure to power innovative applications developed for organizations such as MGF Logistique, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTG), Mutual Drug and Throttleman. These applications have been implemented by members of Sybase’s global partner ecosystem including RFID Systèmes, EDS and Creativesystems. RFID Anywhere is Sybase® software infrastructure that provides a customizable environment for developing and managing robust, highly-distributed radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor solutions.

“Sybase iAnywhere extends the Unwired Enterprise by offering a robust and flexible infrastructure powering some of today’s largest and most innovative RFID and sensor deployments,” said Terry Orsborn, senior product marketing manager, Sybase iAnywhere. “RFID Anywhere offers the broad device support, distributed architecture and flexible development options that enable unique applications that increase productivity, profits and competitive advantage.”

A wide variety of organizations rely on RFID Anywhere technology to streamline business processes including:

MGF Logistique
MGF Logistique is a supply chain logistics specialist and a founding member of the Logistics World Alliance ( The company provides continuous management of receiving, preparation, and shipping operations for major distribution, agribusiness, and industrial sectors. With a national network of over thirty sites across the northern, southern, and Paris regions of France, the organization turned to Sybase iAnywhere, and partner RFID Systèmes, an integrator specializing in RFID solutions. RFID Anywhere enabled a RFID solution for suppliers and customers to improve productivity and movement between warehouses and to strengthen warehouse monitoring through visibility of the loading/unloading operations process. Using this application built with RFID Anywhere, the company is able to easily acquire, filter, and consolidate information contained in pallets of incoming and outgoing merchandise.

“We were looking for a solution that would integrate transparently into our information system and that would ensure that our investment would be long-lasting,” said Philippe Bezamat, director of information systems, MGF Logistique, “Using RFID Anywhere gives us a precise and almost real-time view of what is happening in our warehouses, as far as movement of goods goes.”

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc. is a Fortune 1000 Company. The company’s brands, Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental, serve value-conscious travelers in approximately 70 countries. For its annual employee summit, DTG wanted an automated solution to efficiently track attendees. Working with partner EDS, DTG implemented a solution with RFID Anywhere, along with both fixed and mobile RFID readers, to track attendance at the event’s trade show booths and exhibition to gauge employee interest and reveal opportunities for making future summits more cost efficient.

“Using RFID Anywhere, DTG was able to better facilitate crowd flow, determine which break-out sessions and workshops were most popular as well as gauge how many meals to order, therefore minimizing extraneous costs,” said Greg Lukeman, IT director, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. “RFID proved so successful for DTG that it is considering applying this technology to other areas of its operations, including fleet management and beyond.”

Mutual Drug
Mutual Drug (also known as North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company) is the wholesale distributor of choice among independent pharmacies in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The company was formed in 1952 by pharmacists for pharmacists. Mutual Drug provides its approximately 500 customers with a wide variety of merchandise, including scheduled drugs, over-the-counter medications, and other non-medical merchandise commonly found in pharmacies. Mutual Drug implemented RFID Anywhere to reduce shipping errors and associated costs due to conveyor belt “spin-off” incidents that led to merchandise being loaded on the wrong delivery trucks and improve customer satisfaction. The successful solution resulted in zero shipping errors, substantial cost savings, streamlined loading of trucks and increased customer satisfaction. “RFID Anywhere was critical to the success of our pilot,” said Andrew Meyer, software engineer and Pilot Development manager at Mutual Drug, “As we look to rolling RFID out across our entire operation, RFID Anywhere will certainly be at the heart of it. RFID Anywhere gives us the broad device support along with the development and deployment flexibility that is required for RFID projects. I highly recommend it for anyone looking at RFID software upon which to build solutions.”

Throttleman is one of Portugal’s premier fashion houses. The company distinguishes itself in the industry by foreseeing customers’ needs and by offering them unique ways to express their individuality and imagination. Throttleman has reduced the time items spend in the supply chain by five to seven days with the use of an item-level-tagging RFID system. The solution RetailID, provided by Paxar Avery Dennison, systems integrator Creativesystems and powered by RFID Anywhere, allows Throttleman to quickly identify items as they arrive from the manufacturer in India and ensures the right items are shipped to its stores throughout Portugal and Spain. Throttleman’s manufacturer supplies 1.5 million men’s and women’s fashion items yearly.

“Using RFID technology facilitates unprecedented speed in delivering Throttleman’s signature cutting-edge fashions to retail centers,” said Miguel Maya, associate general director of Throttleman. “Now that RFID has solved some of the main issues in the supply chain, Throttleman can enter a whole new era of customer experience.”

About RFID Anywhere
RFID Anywhere simplifies the development, deployment, configuration and management tasks for highly distributed, multi-site, intelligent sensor networks, and abstracts the interaction with the physical network of devices. With support for over forty devices, this powerful infrastructure enables the creation of intelligent sensor networks out-of-the-box. By using RFID Anywhere, sensors are able to work together as an intelligent network by combining, organizing and coordinating these technologies through a common management structure, advanced feature set and event-driven development framework.

About Sybase iAnywhere
iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), enables success at the front lines of business. The company holds worldwide market leadership positions in mobile and embedded databases, mobile management and security, mobile middleware and synchronization, and Bluetooth® and infrared protocol technologies. Sybase iAnywhere plays an important role in the Sybase Unwired Enterprise strategy, which focuses on managing and mobilizing information from the data center to the point of action. Tens of millions of mobile devices and over 20,000 customers and partners rely on the company’s “Always Available” technologies, including SQL Anywhere and its Information Anywhere suite.

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