Varisys Launches VM31 XMC Module with PA Semi PWRficient Processor

Varisys have launched their VM31 XMC module based on PA Semi’s new PWRficient(TM) family of CPUs. The PA Semi processor delivers ground breaking performance and efficiency: performance per Watt is up to 300% better than existing embedded computing solutions. Varisys have integrated this innovative technology in a compact industry standard form factor.

The first PWRficient(TM) device – the PA6T-1682M – combines a pair of 2GHz 64-bit Power Architecture(TM) cores with AltiVec(TM) compatible VMX instructions, 2MB of on-chip L2 cache, dual DDR2-1067 memory controllers, and 24 high speed SerDes serial I/Os capable of supporting PCI Express, SGMII and XAUI.

The VM31 combines a PA6T-1682M with up to 4GBytes of DDR2 ECC SDRAM and quad Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a compact PMC/XMC form factor. Carrier connectivity is available through standard PMC and XMC connectors, with support for PCI/PCI-X and up to 16 lane PCI Express. The XMC SerDes lanes can be reconfigured to support XAUI and SGMII if required.

Also available is the VSM1e carrier for XMC modules, supporting bench-top and PC-hosted development in PCI, PCI-X and PCIe x16 slots, and providing access to PMC and XMC user I/O signals.

Varisys design and manufacture products for high performance embedded computing applications. Their products and services portfolio covers development platforms through to cost engineered, custom designed solutions for high volume production.

Varisys key markets include aerospace, military, telecommunications, vetronics and industrial control. Varisys work in partnership with their clients providing cost effective, leading edge technology for the most demanding applications.