Temento Systems Introduces Debug-on-Demand FPGA Designs

Temento Systems ® SA announced a Debug-on-Demand model available on its website in order to decrease the cost of debug tools for FPGA designs, while having access to advanced features. FPGA designs are becoming more complex and are integrating more third-party IP’s. Either for prototyping or for production, FPGA designers cannot afford anymore “guess’n check” debug methodologies and need to think about design-for-test as early as design project starts. If 80% of design bugs can be fixed in a short period of time, the remaining 20% can take as long as 80% of the debug phases, impairing the design closure date. Design errors are more tedious to isolate and they require high-end debug technologies such as complex triggering functions or “assertion-based verification” on-chip to track down the very last functional error.

“Even though design verification may take as long as 60% of a design project, debug activity may not need high-end debug tools on a daily basis since most commodity debug tools are sufficient”, stated Patrice Deroux-Dauphin, President and CEO of Temento Systems. “Design centers can’t afford to pay for expensive tools if they are not amortized across multiple projects. Temento is now offering its Dialite debug tool with a pay-per-use model to better serve mid-size companies.”

Established as the best-in-class software platform for FPGA design debug, Dialite is available as a software solution with multiple different modules: from the entry level, so-called leading edge, a designer would have access for a 3 month period to extra features: Logic Analyzer, HDL Fault Finder, AMBA AHB bus monitoring, ABV on-chip.

Hence designers will be able to tailor their debug tool-box:

  • To constantly match their project design needs while optimizing their EDA ownership costs.
  • To make sure that they have the latest version of the software and FPGA devices support while having access to Temento’s support team.
  • Starting as low as $ 900 for 3 months, designers can upgrade their Dialite software directly from the Temento website or from our distributors network.

About Temento
Temento Systems S.A. provides Electronic Design and Test Automation (EDTA) solutions that enable engineers to test and debug electronic products, including System on Chip (SoC), FPGAs, Boards, Multi-Chips Modules (MCMs) and Systems. Unlike traditional EDA software providers, Temento Systems offers a broad range of solutions focused on systems design test, starting from the earliest stage of design definition straight through hardware testing.