GoWare Comments on Open Handset Alliance

GoWare commented on the Open Handset Alliance and Google’s announcement outlining plans for an open-source mobile operating system. This initiative validates GoWare’s own strategy that providing end users with a ground-breaking personalized mobile content experience as well as an open development environment will significantly propel the mobile web. However, in GoWare’s case, the mobile industry doesn’t have to wait for or transition to Android enabled phones or subscribe to a specific carrier to revolutionize the cell phone experience.

For the past two years, GoWare has developed patent-pending processes and applications that provide a transparent connection between users personalized experience on their desktop and their mobile device. Personalization technology found in GoWare’s DoMo Platform enables end users to choose and control the content they consume on their cell phones from a single portal destination rather than be limited to islands of mobilized content pushed to them by publishers, carriers and service providers. GoWare’s unique strategy in approaching the mobile web from the end user-perspective will increase mobile web usage opening the door for DoMo distribution and integration partners to generate incremental revenues by extending their reach/brand to their users when they leave their computers and go mobile. Greater customer retention will drive incremental monetization from sources such as targeted mobile advertising, coupon redemption and subscription services for GoWare’s customers and partners.

“Until now, the user has had little say as to what information is available and how it is presented on the mobile phone. As a result, the mobile internet experience has been a poor one,” said Jason Thibeault, CTO and Co-founder of GoWare. “We have developed an open, extensible and fast platform that allows users today to take control of the content they can access on their mobile phone, personalize, customize and even share it – something they are accustomed to doing on their desktops everyday. We are also solving other significant adoption and usage issues with the mobile web, such as having to visit multiple websites from the phone to consume the same content users do from the desktop. Whether their cell phone has a good mobile web browser or not, and whether it’s WiFi or cellular, users aren’t going to spend hours browsing the web from their phone. They want quick, easy, and efficient access to the content that’s important to them. DoMo makes this possible in a personalized and customized fashion on any mobile phone and with any carrier.”

GoWare’s flagship technology, the DoMo Platform, provides personalization and customization engines that enable users to access and share all of the content that’s important in their lives — favorite web sites, files from their hard drives, calendars, contacts, data from web- and PC-based applications — from a single destination properly formatted for their specific mobile device. Distribution partners can access the power of the DoMo Platform by white-labeling consumer-facing applications such as GoWare’s DoMo Homepage, DoMo SimplyMobile, and applications built by third-party developers; directly integrating DoMo Platform functionality into their offering through our APIs; or developing plug-ins that enable access to special or protected content sources. Through these options, GoWare’s DoMo Platform technologies empower content owners, application developers, carriers, device manufacturers, including cell and other connected devices such as GPS or IM/texting platforms, and corporate enterprises to offer their users a personalized, comprehensive mobile content experience resulting in incremental revenues and services.

“The Open Handset Alliance reaffirms that what we have been doing the past couple of years is spot on,” said Mike Ofstedahl, CEO of GoWare. “GoWare was built on and is executing on the premise that providing mobile users the ability to create a personal and relevant content environment will significantly drive mobile web adoption resulting in major revenue growth opportunities. It is through this personalization and relevancy, end user focus, and white-label distribution model that GoWare differentiates itself from other mobile content delivery and publishing systems focused on mobilization services such as synchronization, replication, rendering / transcoding and those that are mobilizing desktop applications. Through our innovative open platform, intellectual property and integration of third party value add applications (such as SMS functionality, mobile coupon feeds, search and LBS) coupled with improvements in phones and operating systems such as Google’s Android, consumers will be able to do so much more than they ever imagined. We are encouraged that this initiative has put a stake in the ground that user preferences matter. GoWare is prepared to support solution developers, content/brand owners and service providers with the ability to offer their users control over the mobile content experience today.”

About GoWare
GoWare, Inc. is a software applications company focused on providing solutions that help users stay connected to, and in control of, their web and PC-based content while on the go. GoWare is a steering committee member of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Mobile Web Initiative, a group tasked with increasing the usability of the Mobile Web. Members include Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, HP, Ericsson, Opera, and others. For more information about the Mobile Web Initiative, visit http://www.w3.org/Mobile.

The GoWare DoMo (Do More) Platform is a mobile content delivery and publishing solution that enables content publishers, brand owners, application developers, and service providers the ability to deliver content, extend their brand and realize additional revenues in the mobile environment by focusing on the end-user mobile content experience. To demonstrate the power of the DoMo Platform, GoWare develops consumer applications that its customers and partners can easily integrate and leverage to deliver a complete mobile offering. The company’s first consumer product, DoMo HomePage, is available at http://www.domohomepage.com as part of a free beta program. DoMo HomePage lets end-users create a customized, personalized mobile home page for their cell phone. Through a single access point via their mobile Web browser, GoWare has effectively solved many of the issues facing mobile internet usage today by putting the control over the mobile web experience into the hands of the mobile user.

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