Trusted Logic, TRANGO Virtual Processors Secure Embedded Systems

Trusted Logic®, the leading provider of secure open technology for embedded systems, and TRANGO Virtual Processors(TM), a leading provider of embedded virtualization IP, announce they have teamed up to provide a complete security solution for the embedded systems market. The companies will focus on the payment terminal market, with applications on wireless devices.

Security solutions based on TRANGO’S secure virtualization solution, coupled with Trusted Logic’s Security Module, will allow OEMs and device manufacturers to create highly competitive, scalable products of an outstanding level of security, which are also easy to certify.

In the payment terminal market, the growing adoption of rich operating systems such as Linux and Windows® CE, coupled with the tough certification requirements of both the Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device (PCI-PED) specification and EMV specifications, has driven system manufacturers to use a dedicated security processor to ensure that critical security functions and hardware such as user interfaces (e.g. keypads, LCD screens) cannot be corrupted or compromised. This method guarantees safe payment transactions, but at a high cost in both hardware and development resources.

Representing a breakthrough from the traditional dual-chip approach, the TRANGO Hypervisor enables integration, on a single secure CPU, of a rich OS running in parallel with certified applications, maintaining the same level of security and the same certification process as a dual-chip platform.

This architecture-independent joint solution relies on the TRANGO Hypervisor to provide multiple secure execution environments, each of which contains its own Virtual Processing Unit capable of running an OS, applications and drivers. Running on top of its own virtual processor, Trusted Logic Security Module offers a dedicated trusted execution environment interfacing with hardware security features such as cryptographic hardware and secure user interface, and where certified value-added applications, such as payment applications, can run safely, whether they be native or interpreted (see diagram).

Trusted Logic and TRANGO Virtual Processors Security Solution for Embedded Systems

Ensuring the protection of both user interface and of the complete payment process, the joint solution enables the cost-effective implementation of the payment function not only on payment terminals, but also on mobile phones, so that end users can safely interact with their device.

“Given the payment industry’s rigorous security and certification requirements, our partnership with Trusted Logic is of tremendous value for customers who can benefit from their proven security expertise and experience” stated Pierre Coulombeau, Chief Operating Officer at TRANGO Virtual Processors.

“TRANGO Hypervisor enhances TL Security Module by enabling a number of isolated execution environments, thus offering the combined benefits of security and multi-core chips on a lower cost, single core chip,” said Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic.

About Trusted Logic
Trusted Logic is the leading provider of secure, open software for embedded systems, serving both the smart card and the professional & consumer devices markets. Having invented the security module concept, Trusted Logic was the first company to release such a product three years ago. Its pioneering TL Security Module has won several awards and is currently distributed by ARM® as the “TrustZone® Software”.

About TRANGO Virtual Processors
TRANGO Virtual Processors is a leading provider of embedded processor virtualization solutions, licensing TRANGO Hypervisor IP to major semiconductor and device manufacturers. The company helps customers create robust security architectures, deploy new value-added services, and reduce development and manufacturing costs.. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, TRANGO has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. ARM and TrustZone are registered trademarks of ARM Limited.