Mentor Graphics Adds SystemVerilog Support to HDL Designer

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ:MENT) announced that, in support of the growing adoption of the SystemVerilog standard, its HDL Designer(TM) Series product has been extended to provide a platform for implementing SystemVerilog. The Mentor Graphics HDL Designer Series product is used to accelerate register transfer level (RTL) design reuse and optimize design creation, synthesis, and verification processes for complex application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) designs. Today, up to 80% of new ASIC and FPGA designs reuse RTL code from previous designs. The HDL Designer Series product formulates an optimum design-to-verification environment for creating and managing complex designs using VHDL, C/C++, PSL, Verilog, mixed-languages, and now, SystemVerilog.

Unlike traditional HDLs (hardware description language), SystemVerilog introduces an object-oriented design style that offers a plethora of new language features. Solutions like the HDL Designer Series product with SystemVerilog help lower the barrier to entry for hardware design and verification engineers by providing a unified environment for all HDLs, while taming the complexity of object-oriented programming. As a result, the HDL Designer Series product can significantly improve designer productivity by accelerating and optimizing design time by automatically evaluating RTL code quality, design integrity and analysis, and design visualization for effective design reuse.

The HDL Designer product is seamlessly integrated with other Mentor Graphics ASIC flows, FPGA flows and supporting applications, including: simulation, formal verification, hardware-assisted emulation, synthesis, and place-and-route (P&R) environments, resulting in quality reuse and design portability.

“Mentor is a proven SystemVerilog leader among EDA companies, providing an optimum design and verification environment that address the methodologies required for today’s design complexity,” according to Mike Baird, president of Willamette HDL, a SystemVerilog industry authority and training consultant. “Mentor’s support of SystemVerilog through its HDL tools further demonstrates their commitment to customer needs and productivity.”

Another important feature of the HDL Designer product is documentation for design reviews, communications between design groups, and establishing an archival system for future reuse. Within minutes, designers can create an interactive website to describe designs both textually and graphically for effective design development and communications.

“HDL Designer for SystemVerilog provides a highly-productive environment for design reuse, design creation, and verification efficiencies,” stated Glenn Perry, Mentor Graphics general manager, design creation business unit. “Our goal is to help design teams significantly improve productivity through RTL reuse and applications of new standards, like SystemVerilog.”

HDL Designer Series with SystemVerilog Support
The HDL Designer Series product supports the following SystemVerilog features in this current release:

  • Mixed-language and dialect support
  • Assertions and coverage reports
  • The ability to instance SV1800 components with V95-compatible port descriptions in V95 BD/IBD to create structural design
  • Auto detects, dialect, and top-of-design
  • Where Used and Where Bound reports
  • Additional Browser Objects: SystemVerilog packages, program blocks, interfaces, and classes
  • Hierarchy Browser additions: program blocks, interfaces, and class instances
  • File templates for new objects, such as packages and classes
  • Cross-highlighting
  • Updated viewpoint options

HDL Designer Series Pricing and Availability
The HDL Designer solution with SystemVerilog is available now, with pricing starting at $6,900 (USD). For more information, contact a local Mentor Graphics sales office, or call 1-800-547-3000 for specific product and pricing details.

About Mentor Graphics
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