e2v Selects EdXact's Jivaro Netlist Reduction Tool

EdXact SA announced that its Jivaro netlist reduction tool was chosen by e2v, a leading developer and manufacturer of specialised components and subsystems. e2v is using Jivaro to help verifying its next generation high speed A/D converters, which is developed using Jazz Semiconductor’s advanced SiGe BiCMOS 0.18-micron process. The new converter family includes quad-8 bits devices capable of delivering conversion rates from 1.25 Gsps to 5 Gsps from a single chip at 1W per channel.

EdXact (Voiron, France) provides software solutions that help to accelerate the overall backend IC physical verification cycle. Jivaro tools apply user-controllable reduction techniques upon parasitic data files obtained from layout extraction tools. This helps simulation tools to cope with huge data files while still maintaining accuracy. Jivaro was chosen to help accelerate postlayout verifications on the A/D converters design, which is a strategic project at e2v.

On that A/D mixed signal design, Jivaro-enabled simulations proved to execute 3 to 10 times faster, with the same level of accuracy, thus allowing more verifications to be executed and larger blocks to be verified, while still meeting tape-out delivery schedules. Multiple simulation runs increase verification confidence which is crucially important during the tape-out process. Moreover, Jivaro’s ease of use allows quick adoption of the tool by designers.

“Thanks to Jivaro, we were able to meet our just in time constraints, and to increase our verification targets as well” stated D. Boisgontier, manager of e2v’s Broadband Data Converter development team, adding: “We’ve chosen EdXact’s tools after thorough evaluation and found their technology achieves amazing speed improvements, and maintains a very high accuracy.”

“We are pleased to help e2v to deliver innovative products and achieve quick time to market,” said Mathias Silvant, EdXact President. “We are committed to help our customers to succeed and we tackle their verification challenge by enhancing their existing design flow.”

About EdXact
Founded in 2004, EdXact SA focuses on electronic design tools aimed at physical verification tasks. EdXact’s innovative model order reduction technology helps accelerate extensive backend verifications in complex IC design cycles. EdXact’s headquarters are based in Grenoble area, France.