I3A Announces White Paper on Camera Phone Image Quality

The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A), the leading global association for the imaging industry, has published its Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Initiative Phase 1 White Paper. The White Paper is available for download at no charge.

I3A also announced that Phase 2 of the CPIQ Initiative is now in its open enrollment period. I3A invites new members to join this important effort and participate in developing the next set of deliverables. Open enrollment closes on November 19, 2007.

The CPIQ Phase 1 White Paper, entitled “Fundamentals and review of considered test methods,” contains an evaluation of existing best practices and industry standards and identifies key measures/metrics in each of several critical CPIQ areas. The camera phone photospace is described and an initial subjective evaluation method for CPIQ is discussed.

From its launch in June 2006, I3A’s CPIQ Initiative, made up of key players in the mobile imaging industry, has been working to remove poor image quality as the top barrier to the utilization and enjoyment of camera phones by consumers. The Initiative also seeks to promote growth of the camera phone imaging eco-system and to encourage consumers to take, share, print and enjoy images captured by their camera phones. The group’s ultimate objective is to produce a complete set of image quality testing metrics and methodologies, enabling a consumer-oriented image quality rating system.

Phase 2 of the Initiative is drilling down into the metrics associated with image quality — both subjective and objective — to develop repeatable, robust, test methods for evaluating these metrics. Work will focus on developing and validating test methods for the metrics that have direct impact on image quality performance, along with a preliminary consumer-oriented rating system that will enable clear communication about image quality from vendors to consumers. The Initiative group will also work to promote adoption of standard measurement techniques and specifications.

“The CPIQ Phase 1 White Paper is the first key deliverable from this important industry Initiative, the first collective effort by the mobile imaging industry to tackle today’s critical quality issue,” said Lisa Walker, I3A’s president. “I encourage all industry players to join us in driving the next generation of mobile imaging business opportunities enabled by the proliferation of high quality camera phone imaging capabilities.”

The CPIQ Initiative group will meet in Paris, November 14-15; you must contact I3A prior to the meeting to gain attendance. To get your company involved, contact the I3A Standards Dept (i3astds@i3a.org, +1 914-285-4933) or Noel Mareno (noelm@i3a.org, +1 214-244-1927).

CPIQ Phase 1 White Paper Contents
The CPIQ Phase 1 White Paper comprises more than 80 pages of text and graphics, including a glossary and bibliography. The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. Introduction and Document Structure
2. Introduction to the CPIQ Initiative
3. Introduction to Image Quality
3.1 Myths and nature of image quality
3.2 Attributes of image quality
4. Characterization of Camera Phone Consumer Experience
4.1 Camera phone image use cases
4.2 The evolution of camera phone consumer experience
5. CPIQ 1.0 Test Metrics and Test Methods
5.1 Objective measurements of camera phone performance
5.1.1 Objective resolution test example
5.1.2 Objective speed test example
5.1.3 Objective exposure test example
5.1.4 Objective color uniformity test example
5.1.5 Objective camera flare test example
5.1.6 Objective white point color balance test example
5.2 Subjective test metrics and test methods
5.2.1 General comments regarding the subjective measurement of image attributes
5.2.2 Subjective test techniques
5.2.3 Category scaling: examples of reporting systems
5.2.4 Subjective evaluation of color rendering
6. CPIQ 1.0 Recommendations for Camera Phone Metadata
6.1 Examples
6.2 I3A CPIQ Phase1.0 recommended list of metadata tags

About the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)
I3A is the leading global imaging industry association, driving growth of and setting standards for the photographic and information imaging markets. As the industry focal point, I3A offers a framework and environment where members can quickly find resources to solve critical issues and develop market solutions. Members of I3A work together to find common ground for advancing the industry and to enable better products and services for their customers. I3A is an accredited Standards Developing Organization, serving as secretariat for the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 42 (ISO/TC42) on Photography, and as administrator for the USA Technical Advisory Group for this committee. Information about I3A can be found by phone at +1 914-285-4933.