Synplicity, Lattice Team on ESL Synthesis Flow for DSP Design

Synplicity, Inc. (NASDAQ:SYNP), a leading supplier of innovative IC design and verification solutions, and Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC), a leading supplier of FPGAs, have expanded their relationship to include delivery of a highly optimized, non-proprietary ESL synthesis flow for DSP design. Synplicity’s Synplify® DSP software now supports the LatticeECP2M(TM) and LatticeXP2(TM) Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices, creating a powerful solution for DSP algorithm implementation in aerospace, wireless, telecom and digital multimedia applications.

“After looking at other commercial alternatives, we believe that Synplify DSP support for Lattice FPGA devices offers superior efficiencies and better performance for our mutual customers,” said Stan Kopec, Lattice corporate vice president of marketing. “The optimized DSP algorithm implementation in the Synplify DSP technology, combined with the LatticeECP2M devices’ powerful DSP blocks and massive memory, and with the Flash-based flexiFLASH(TM) architecture of the LatticeXP2 family, delivers users exceptional design advantages for communication and multimedia algorithm design.”

The Lattice-Synplicity relationship leverages the distinct competencies of each company to present new and innovative solutions for DSP algorithm design. The Synplify DSP software, Synplicity’s ESL synthesis platform, offers high-level modeling and hardware abstraction, constraint-driven algorithm synthesis into RTL and powerful system-wide optimizations for performance, area and multi-channelization tradeoff exploration. The combination of Synplify DSP and Lattice FPGA architectures helps designers capture multi-rate DSP algorithms quickly and easily. Designers can perform architectural exploration across multiple Lattice devices and create algorithmic IP that is highly portable and reusable, so users can easily map their DSP algorithms into any computing platform.

Andy Haines, senior vice president of marketing for Synplicity, said, “Our strategic relationship with Lattice provides an advanced alternative to other DSP-based design tools. Equally important, we are giving users of The MathWorks Simulink® environment, for multi-domain simulation and model-based design, a new target vendor for their FPGA designs: Lattice.”

According to Haines, the expanded relationship with Lattice is expected to provide real user benefits for the implementation of DSP algorithms into silicon. With M-Control fully integrated into the Synplify DSP library and The MathWorks Simulink environment, data type and sample rate inheritance and propagation are fully supported. M-Control features inline debugging for supporting breakpoints and stepping into the M code. These features greatly simplify the specification and verification of control functionality that is often integrated into DSP algorithms. Moreover, with a comprehensive IP library of industry-standard functional blocks, such as FFTs, Viterbi decoders, DDS and CORDIC math functions, mutual customers of Lattice and Synplicity now can create designs rapidly in application-specific domains.

Synplify DSP is also well suited for wireless algorithm design, so Lattice users can develop FPGA-based applications for digital RF/IF processing, FEC (forward error correction) and digital multimedia (audio and video) encryption, as well as high-performance computing. Vector support in Synplify DSP dramatically reduces the effort needed to create multi-channel wireless algorithms and multi-antenna algorithms such as MIMO, video, radar and security applications. These features enable customers to rapidly describe, verify and implement complex wireless algorithms (such as WiMAX, 802.11 a/b/g/n and DVB standards) into hardware devices.

For high-performance DSP applications, Lattice devices provide up to a 50 percent performance and 75 percent logic utilization improvement over other solutions when implementing common DSP functions. Through advanced 90 nm silicon technology, an optimized architecture and proprietary circuit design, Lattice devices reduce total solution costs by up to 30-50 percent compared to other FPGA solutions. It is believed that these distinct advantages will promote the adoption of FPGAs within the $20 billion ASIC marketplace.

Working in conjunction with Synplicity’s Synplify, Synplify Pro and now Synplify DSP, Lattice offers a broad set of powerful tools for all design tasks including project management, IP integration, design planning and place and route, as well as in-system logic analysis for a comprehensive design solution for engineers.

Pricing and Availability
The Synplify DSP, offering support for Lattice devices, is now available. Pricing starts at $9,950.

About Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation provides the industry’s broadest range of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), including Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), Mixed-Signal Power Management and Clock Generation Devices, and industry-leading SERDES products. Lattice continues to deliver “More of the Best” to its customers with comprehensive solutions for system design, including an unequaled portfolio of high-performance, non-volatile and low-cost FPGAs. Lattice products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of independent sales representatives and distributors, primarily to OEM customers in communications, computing, industrial, consumer, automotive, medical and military end markets.

About Synplicity
Synplicity®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNP) is a leading supplier of innovative IC design and verification solutions that serve a wide range of communications, military/aerospace, semiconductor, consumer, computer, and other electronic applications markets. Synplicity’s FPGA implementation tools provide outstanding performance, cost and time-to-market benefits by simplifying, improving and automating logic synthesis, physical synthesis, analysis and debug for programmable logic designs. Synplicity’s ESL synthesis solutions significantly improve productivity for DSP designs realized in ASIC and FPGA devices. The Confirma(TM) at-speed verification platform, comprising software tools and the HAPS(TM) family of prototyping systems, enables both comprehensive verification of ASIC, ASSP and SoC designs and software development prior to chip tapeout. Synplicity is the number one supplier of FPGA synthesis tools and its physical synthesis and ASIC verification technologies are the recipients of several prestigious industry awards. The company operates in over 20 facilities worldwide and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

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