Synfora, Esterel Simplify Integration of Application Engines into SoC

Synfora, Inc., the technology leader in the field of algorithmic synthesis, and Esterel EDA Technologies, the supplier of Esterel Studio, the leading solution for ESL synthesis of control-intensive IP blocks, announced a joint solution that simplifies the integration of application engines into system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

Algorithmic synthesis is used to create efficient hardware from C algorithms for SoCs that differentiate based on algorithms (such as video, wireless, imaging, security, and networking). Synfora’s PICO Express(TM) enables designers to explore, create and verify application engines – RTL that execute the functionality along with a set of standard interfaces — that consistently and efficiently integrates into the SoCs. PICO Express has been used successfully to implement algorithms such as a multi-standard video codec and key components of a wireless modem.

PICO application engines may integrate with a hardware controller and instead of accomplishing this manually, Synfora has teamed up with Esterel to enable a more efficient and automated solution.

The joint Synfora-Esterel solution automates the process using “interface transactors” and a hardware controller written in Esterel. Designers use PICO Express to synthesize the application engine and use Esterel Studio to generate RTL for the hardware controller and interface transactors. The joint solution ensures that the products work together seamlessly. This Synfora-Esterel solution has been successfully used at common customers including a recent wireless terminal SoC design.

“By combining application engines produced by PICO with interface transactors and controllers written in Esterel, we can deliver tremendous savings to our joint customers,” said Simon Napper, Synfora president and CEO.

“The integration of PICO Express and Esterel Studio will enable our common customers to be more productive,” said Eric Bantegnie, Esterel EDA Technologies president and CEO. “Esterel Studio handles interfaces most commonly used in PICO-produced RTL, and complements PICO Express users’ design productivity with considerable time savings for the development of controllers, such as Direct Memory Access (DMA), Cache, and Bus Interfaces.”

About Synfora’s PICO Platform
Synfora’s PICO platform is a system of tools and intellectual property (IP) that create complex application engines from sequential, untimed C algorithms. PICO enables design teams to predictably deliver complex consumer SoCs by reducing design cycle time, improving the ability to respond to late changes in specifications.

About Esterel EDA Technologies
Esterel EDA Technologies is a worldwide supplier of model-based design, validation, and code generation tools for control-intensive hardware applications. Esterel EDA Technologies is a privately held company with headquarters in Elancourt, France and Mountain View, California, USA, and with direct sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and China.

About Synfora
Synfora, Inc. of Mountain View, California, is the leading provider of algorithmic synthesis software used to design complex systems-on-chips (SoCs). Synfora’s patented technology helps to reduce fixed design costs and dramatically speed chip development and time-to-market. Synfora targets companies in the audio, video, imaging, wireless, networking, and security segments of the IC design market. The company’s investors are ATA Ventures, Foundation Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, Wafra partners and Xilinx, Inc.

Esterel Studio is a trademark of Esterel Technologies, Inc. Synfora, the Synfora logo, and PICO Express are trademarks of Synfora, Inc.