GAO TEK Upgrades DS1185 (B) Super Signal Level Meter

GAO Tek Inc. is introducing an upgrade to its DS1185 (B) Signal Level Meter. The newly developed model, DS1185 (B) Super Signal Level Meter, is designed to provide features which are most widely used and favored by professionals in the CATV industry. Key functions include measuring and displaying amplitude at predefined frequencies or carriers. In addition, the feature of peak-hold level measurement in the LEVEL and SPECTRUM mode can even detect the occasional disturbance.

Analogue channels, Digital channels (QAM) and FM channels can all be tested efficiently and accurately. The device also supports C/N measurement, voltmeter functions, spectrum analysis, auto test and data logging. Overall, it is easy to for a wide range of applications. As a result, the market demand has been consistently strong. The letter ‘B’ in the product designation refers to its capability to provide a broader frequency range and support the return path measurement.

Key Features

  • FCC standard limit test
  • Automatic timing measurement
  • Quick charging function
  • Transmission and reflectivity characteristic testing
  • Digital TV channel power
  • Interface to PC and printer communication


  • Frequency
    Range: 46MHz ~ 870MHz; 5MHz ~ 870MHz (Only for type with letter B)
    Precision: 5 ppm (25ºC + 5ºC)
    Resolution: 10 kHz
    Resolution Bandwidth: 280 KHz
  • Signal level measurement
    Range: 30dBµV to 120dBµV
    Precision: Level ±1.5dB (25ºC + 5ºC)(more than 35dBµV);±3dB ( -10ºC to 40ºC) Scan mode ±2.0dB (25 ºC + 5ºC)
    Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Spectrum analysis
    Testing Span: 2.5MHz, 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz, 62.5MHz
    Scale: 1,2,5,10 dB/grid
  • Digital Channel Power
    Bandwidth: 0.28MHz ~ 9.99MHz
    Center Frequency: In the range of the measured
    Modulation Type: QAM, QPSK etc.
  • Others
    Audio Output: Built-in speaker
    Dimension: About 190mm X 80mm X 152mm
    Weight: About 1060g
    Battery: 3.6V 3.5AH Ni-MH battery
    Operating Time: Average 6~8 hours (Fully charged)
    Charging Time: Less than 3 hours

About GAO Tek Inc.
GAO Tek Inc., a member of GAO Group, is a leading provider of embedded development tools, telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments, video surveillance, alarm and other electronic products that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.