Demo Previews New Blaze MO Leakage Power Optimization Software

Blaze DFM, the electrical DFM company, has created an online demonstration previewing new lithography-aware capabilities that will become available in the next release of the Blaze MO(TM) leakage power optimization software. The demo features Dr. Clive Wu, co-Chief Technologist of Blaze, presenting a preview of Blaze Torch technology. Blaze Torch technology integrates the production-proven Halo lithography simulation engine into the electrical DFM tools from Blaze. Halo is the only lithography simulation engine that is fast enough to be used on a complete chip during design without sacrificing contour prediction accuracy. This combination of speed and accuracy is necessary for litho-aware timing and power optimization.

Lithography Simulation
Designers are incorporating lithography simulation into their 65nm and below design flows. Lithography simulation identifies “litho hot spots” in a design. Litho hot spots are layout patterns that can cause opens or shorts due to limitations in the lithography process. Lithography simulation also uncovers any performance issues caused by litho-induced deviations in transistor geometry.

Blaze Halo Lithography Engine
The Blaze Halo engine includes a number of techniques to dramatically reduce run time without sacrificing accuracy. It employs both physical and electrical filtering to identify parts of the chip that require detailed lithography simulation. Physical filtering uses a fast algorithm to search the layout for troublesome layout patterns that require detailed lithography analysis. Likewise, electrical filtering identifies the performance-critical paths in the design that also require detailed lithography analysis.

The Halo engine also features an incremental architecture allowing it to restrict its activity to only the parts of the design that have changed since the last simulation. The combination of the filters and the incremental architecture yield an engine that possesses both the accuracy and speed needed for chip-level litho-aware design optimization.

About Blaze DFM
Blaze DFM provides software solutions to fabless semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, and silicon foundries. Blaze products give IC designers greater control over manufacturing variability, improving yield and shortening time to volume production. Blaze DFM, Inc., 1275 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, 408.470.4900.