SONiVOX Donates audioINSIDE Technology to Open Handset Alliance

SONiVOX announced that it will contribute its audioINSIDE(TM) technology to the Open Handset Alliance, bringing advanced music playback capabilities to this benchmark initiative. SONiVOX audioINSIDE is an advanced, device-hardened audio synthesis solution with high quality MIDI audio capabilities primarily utilized to create interactive mobile gaming applications.

Through the Open Handset Alliance, mobile innovation will be accelerated by providing developers with access to key technologies like the state-of-the-art MIDI audio capabilities SONiVOX provides.

“We are extremely excited about our contribution to the Android platform,” comments SONiVOX President, Jennifer Hruska. “This alliance between Google and the mobile industry’s top technology vendors will dramatically expand the developer community to include smaller, more entrepreneurial enterprises, bringing a new generation of exciting and innovative products to mobile consumers everywhere.”

SONiVOX audioINSIDE(TM) is comprised of the SONiVOX Embedded Audio System (EAS(TM)), General MIDI instrument sets, audio codecs, audio effects, and the SONiVOX JET(TM) interactive game audio solution, as well as support for current and legacy ringtone formats including Mobile DLS. This, in combination with the other OHA multimedia codecs, will allow developers to produce cutting-edge multimedia applications on Android enabled devices.

SONiVOX® is a premier developer of audio technologies and solutions. SONiVOX products are in tens of millions of products worldwide, including cellphones, semiconductors, games, professional audio equipment and music synthesizers. Most recently, the company has spun off AdME, a mobile marketing partner providing mobile advertainment platforms for the promotion of recording artists and consumer brands. In addition, SONiVOX continues to produce SONiVOX MI, a leading line of computer music software products, endorsed by Hollywood’s leading film and television composers and used by tens of thousands of musicians worldwide.