Software Defined Radio Forum Forms Test-and-Measurement Project

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum, a nonprofit international industry association supporting the advancement of reconfigurable wireless technology, announced that its Design Process and Tools Working Group is establishing a test and measurement project focused on defining the standard features needed in wireless Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment to support physical layer testing of software defined and cognitive radios.

The project’s purpose will be to define the standard features necessary in wireless test and measurement equipment to support testing the physical layer of a software defined or cognitive radio (CR). Tasks in this project will include:

  • Surveying the market – including radio certification authorities, standards bodies and regulators to determine the types of testing needed and then define a series of methodologies and protocols that test and measurement equipment vendors can implement to support the required tests. Methodologies may include hardware-in-the-loop and capacity testing
  • Defining the test equipment features necessary to support the identified protocols
  • Identifying and presenting the testing implications of design decisions made in implementing SDR or CR technologies and defining design practices that can be used by SDR and CR technology developers to facilitate physical layer testing

“Work will be done in the project’s initial stages to define incremental deliverables so that useful outputs can be achieved as quickly as possible,” said Forum CEO Lee Pucker. “A long term goal of this project is to allow vendors of test-and-measurement equipment to state that their products meet with SDR Forum test recommendations.”

The new test-and-measurement project will be launched at the SDR Forum’s General Meeting in January, and the Forum invites participation by the wireless test and measurement vendors and radio technology providers worldwide. Those interested in participating should contact Daljeet Singh of Forum member company Anritsu Corporation at

Daljeet will also be available to answer questions related to the project at the SDR Forum’s annual technical conference, product exposition and general meeting, being held Nov. 5-9 in Denver. The event will focus on SDR and CR technologies and provide an international perspective of the current state of the art for advanced wireless communications. It will take place at the Denver Marriott Tech Center and is open to anyone interested in SDR technology, including non-Forum members.

About the SDR Forum
Established in 1996, the SDR Forum is a nonprofit international industry association dedicated to supporting the development and deployment of software defined radio systems that enable flexible and adaptable architectures in advanced wireless systems. Currently numbering some 100 organizations, the Forum’s membership spans commercial, defense and civil government organizations, including wireless service providers, network operators, component and equipment manufacturers, hardware and software developers, regulatory agencies, and academia from Asia, Europe, and North America. The SDR Forum’s administrative office is headquartered in Denver.