JEDA Announces OCPchecker Verification Library for OCP System Designs

JEDA Technologies announced the availability of OCPchecker, a system-level verification library for Open Core Protocol (OCP) based system designs in SystemC. OCPchecker comprehensive protocol correctness and configuration parameter consistency checks allow OCP system designers and architects to create stable virtual systems faster than in-house solutions. The library enforces OCP compliance checking, pinpoints protocol violations, and collects functional coverage information under system-level simulation.

“The JEDA OCPchecker has proved itself in our production environment. It automatically adapts to any of our configurations with on-the-fly checking. We replaced our in-house SystemC-OCP checking solution with OCPchecker because it supports the complete OCP protocol, is more efficient, and is easy to use and integrate,” said Scott Evans, director of software development at Sonics.

“High-quality ESL design models determine the success of a virtual platform or the effectiveness of high-level synthesis. Unfortunately, many ESL designers spend considerable time and effort developing C++ code for verification,” said Eugene Zhang, president and CEO of JEDA Technologies, Inc. “JEDA’s OCPchecker saves OCP virtual-platform users time and effort in reaching system-level simulation goals.”

“OCP is an industry standard socket interface for leading edge SOC designs because of its scalability, but the configurability that enables this flexibility makes verification more challenging. JEDA verification products enable early quality assurance for designs leveraging the popular OCP SystemC channel, and that is good news for the OCP International Partnership (OCP-IP),” said Drew Wingard, CTO and co-founder of Sonics and steering committee member of OCP-IP.

OCPchecker Features and Availability
OCPchecker features:

  • Protocol property checks for OCP2.2, OCP2.1 and OCP2.0
  • Extensibility, for users who want to add new protocol checks
  • User configuration and parameter checking
  • Self-adaptive configuration to a user environment
  • Assertion debugging environment with assertion coverage report and analysis
  • Ease of use, with plug and play into an OCP Channel

OCPchecker is built on top of NSCa, JEDA’s Native SystemC comprehensive transaction-level to cycle-level temporal assertion development, runtime and debug environment. NSCa was designed for system engineers, architects, design engineers, and ESL model creators in applications like virtual platforms or high-level synthesis design implementation.

The new JEDA OCPchecker is available immediately. For more information about JEDA’s OCP-IP checker, please contact

About JEDA Technologies
JEDA Technologies provides advanced ESL verification automation solution that is scalable and reusable at various levels of ESL for SystemC or C++ based designs. JEDA offers products of temporal assertions, simulation coverage measurement and intelligent stimulus generation to speed up ESL model validation and improve ESL verification effectiveness and efficiency. JEDA’s solution empowers virtual platform verification and ESL-to-RTL verification flow. The company is based in Los Altos, California.

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