Electronics.ca Publications Publishes Report on Global Electronics

Electronics.ca Publications, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of a new report entitled “Global Electronics: High Growth Products and New Markets.” The structure of the electronics industry is changing, as electronics companies consolidate and the multinational interest in electronics’ products increases. Historically, the electronics industry has seen competition between the U.S. and Japan, but most regions of the world, especially Asia-Pacific, are now rapidly accelerating their electronics manufacturing and electronics consumer bases.

Technological advances have expanded the range, size and rapidness of electronics products that can be produced. The electronics industry of the future may have many global fabs, manufacturing, and assembly and testing plants that may be controlled by a main office in New York City or Hong Kong.

Due to this dynamics of the market and the rapid increase of products, there is a pressing need to develop an up-to-date base of market information to better understand the dynamics of the market for electronics products and technology.

According to the new research report, the global market for electronics products has grown at an average rate of 12.6% per year, from $1.4 trillion in 2004 to an estimated $2.0 trillion in 2007. By 2012, the global market is expected to reach approximately $3.2 trillion, 9.5% of CAGR. The sale of industrial products accounts for 39.6% of the total sales for electronics products. Other key sectors are computer electronics and semiconductors.

The report analyzes key electronic technologies such as: microcomponents, memory, logic devices, analog devices, wafer fabrication materials, chemicals, optoelectronics, packaging materials and discrete semiconductors. It also forecasts trends and sales in these markets through 2012. Important manufacturers, technologies, and factors influencing demand are also discussed.

Details of the new report, “Global Electronics: High Growth Products and New Markets” can be found on Electronics.ca Publications’ web site.