Texas Instruments Creates Dual-output SWIFT Converters

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced four new dual-output SWIFT(TM) DC/DC step-down converters with integrated FETs that deliver 2-A and 3-A of continuous output current and support input voltages of 4.5 V to 28 V. The simple-to-design switchers, which come in a monolithic package, speed time to market, reduce external component count and help reduce cost for point-of-load systems used in a wide variety of applications including HDTVs, set-top boxes and other consumer electronic systems.

Texas Instruments TPS54386 dual-output SWIFT converterTI’s new 2-A TPS54283 and TPS54286 and 3-A TPS54383 and TPS54386 SWIFT converters reduce input capacitance by switching each output at 180 degrees out-of-phase at a frequency of 300 kHz and 600 kHz. Each device features current mode control and integrates the compensation components to lower the total number of required external parts. A unique sequencing pin helps designers meet critical sequencing requirements without additional circuitry by allowing the user to select which output ramps up first or to program both outputs to ramp ratio-metrically.

TI’s new dual-channel, non-synchronous converters provide high efficiency and 1.5 percent output voltage accuracy (down to 0.8 V) for each output. With three selectable levels of over-current protection, low on-resistance and a thermal shutdown of 145C, the devices excel in hot environments where good thermal performance is needed, such as a DLP® high-definition digital TV that operates without the use of a cooling fan.

Key Features of TI’s 2-A and 3-A SWIFT Converters:

  • 4.5 V to 28 V input range
  • Output voltage down to 0.8 V with 1.5 percent accuracy to meet the newest DSP and FPGA power requirements
  • Dual PWM outputs 180 degrees out-of-phase
  • 90 percent and higher efficiency at 2-A and 3-A continuous output current
  • Fixed 300 kHz switching frequency (TPS54283 and TPS54383) and 600 kHz (TPS54286 and TPS54386)
  • Internal 2.2 ms soft start time, plus ratio-metric or sequential start-up modes, selectable by a single pin
  • 85 mOhm internal high-side MOSFETs
  • Pulse-by-pulse over-current protection

SwitcherPro(TM) Software Tool
Designers who use the SWIFT converters can take advantage of interactive software and other design resources. The SwitcherPro software tool is available free through www.ti.com/analogelab. The interactive tool includes a bill of materials, reference schematic, loop response graphs and an efficiency curve based on the designer’s input. Additionally, more than a dozen application notes and evaluation modules on TI’s TPS54xxx family of SWIFT ICs are available for download via www.ti.com/swift.

Availability, Pricing, Packaging
All four SWIFT converters are available in volume production from TI and its authorized distributors. Each device comes in a highly reliable, thermally enhanced 5 mm x 6 mm, 14-pin HTTSOP package. Suggested resale pricing in 1,000-unit quantities is $3.20 each for the TPS54283 and TPS54286 converters and $3.40 each for the TPS54383 and TPS54386 devices.

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