Advanced Knowledge Associates Announces ARINC 429 IP Core

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) – the leader in miniaturized, reconfigurable, fully self-contained and high-performance system-on-module technology – announced that it has added the ARINC 429 core to the extensive portfolio of IP integrated within its range of Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module (PRISM) solutions. Based on industry-standard programmable logic platforms and including processor cores and the necessary I/O and peripheral circuitry, these building blocks are fast replacing other custom and standard platforms as they reduce system size, cut costs, minimize time to market and protect against obsolescence.

ARINC 429 is the predominant data bus used in the aviation industry, widely used for control functions on commercial and military aircraft. ARINC 429 uses a unidirectional data bus standard known as the Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System and transmits messages at either 12.5 or 100 kbit/s to other system elements that are monitoring the bus messages.

Integrating industry-standard IP at the module level significantly reduces design effort, saving customers time and money. AKA provides the ability to seamlessly bridge between multiple interfaces, such as ARINC 429 and 1553, so engineers are no longer burdened with having to select multiple boards to support different interfaces – which ultimately affects size, weight, and power of the system.

“From our inception AKA has been committed to supporting industry standard interfaces throughout our entire product line,” comments AKA’s CEO, Guy Marom. “By integrating the ARINC 429 core as a standard offering within our range of modules we are minimising design effort for our customers in the aircraft and other hi-rel sectors, ensuring that they get to market quickly and cost-effectively.”

In addition to ARINC 429, AKA’s PRISMs also support the following interfaces: MIL STD 1553B, CAN, Ethernet, USB, etc.

About Advanced Knowledge Associates
Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) is a major supplier of Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated Systems-on-Modules (PRISMs) that enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design. AKA’s miniaturized and high-performance PRISMs ensure that customers get to market as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and provides design-to-manufacturing services for companies across a range of markets including Mil/Aero, Defense, Medical, Industrial and Communications.