Sarnoff Licenses Carbon Design Systems Model Studio

Sarnoff Corporation and Carbon(TM) Design Systems announced that Sarnoff has licensed Carbon’s model generation technology to develop cycle-accurate system models directly from its Register Transfer Level (RTL) source code. Sarnoff will use the models to create a virtual prototype of its high-performance, ARM-based system on chip (SoC). This platform will give Sarnoff a time-to-market advantage as it develops its next low-power, mobile vision product line.

“Sarnoff solves our customers’ complex system problems by developing continuous advancements in technology that deliver next-generation technical solutions,” said Michael Piacentino, technical manager, Sarnoff Corporation. “We selected Carbon Model Studio as a key component in our move to virtual platforms for early software development. Carbon allows us to create system models directly from our RTL, so we don’t have the burden of maintaining two separate modeling development efforts.”

Carbon Model Studio eliminates the need for hand-coding models because “Carbonized” models of the intellectual property (IP) are created directly from their VHDL and Verilog descriptions. Its graphical interface and development environment manage all of the data from design files and build tasks. Source browsing, error navigation and project management offer a way to pinpoint problems, as well as the ability to manage different IP builds and configurations. When a change is made to the model, all of the variants can be regenerated from a single source with a single command.

“Customers like Sarnoff are increasingly looking for ways to shrink their development cycles without adding risk to their process,” added Rick Lucier, chief executive officer of Carbon. “The move to using virtual platforms to develop software before silicon relies on the availability of system-level models. By selecting Carbon, Sarnoff has adopted a methodology that eliminates the risks associated with traditional approaches to the creation of system models.”

About Sarnoff Corporation
Sarnoff Corporation produces innovations in electronic, video and vision technologies that generate successful new products and services for our government and commercial clients worldwide. Founded in 1942 as RCA Laboratories, Sarnoff makes continuous breakthroughs in ICs, lasers, imaging and sensing devices; digital TV and video for security, surveillance and entertainment; high-performance networking; and wireless communications. Sarnoff is a subsidiary of SRI International.

About Carbon Design Systems
Carbon is the leading supplier of system-level tools to automatically create, validate and deploy software models generated from Verilog and/or VHDL descriptions. Carbon’s models are used in conjunction with SystemC simulation platforms to enable architecture profiling and software validation in parallel with hardware development. Problems can be found and resolved early in the design cycle, rather than waiting for prototypes to be built or silicon to be delivered. Its solutions are based on open industry standards, including SystemC, SCML, Verilog, VHDL, OSCI TLM, MDI, CASI, CADI and CAPI. Carbon’s customers are systems, semiconductor, and IP companies that focus on communications, networking, and consumer electronics. Carbon is headquartered at 375 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, Mass., 02451. Telephone: (781) 890-1500. Facsimile: (781) 890-1711. Email:

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