VirtualLogix VLX Real-Time Virtualization Supports TI Multicore DSP

VirtualLogix(TM), Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization(TM) company, announced a new product that targets communications infrastructure equipment with embedded multicore digital signal processors (DSP) from Texas Instruments (TI) [NYSE: TXN]. Leveraging the highest performing members of the TI C64x+TM DSP family, VirtualLogix VLX real-time virtualization software enables a single DSP platform to run advanced signal processing applications together with more traditional control tasks previously executed on a separate general purpose processor. VirtualLogix VLX brings the feature richness of Linux together with the real-time capabilities of TI DSP/BIOS(TM). This operating system (OS) combination reduces bill of materials costs for new network elements, such as 3G, WiMAX, or Long Term Evolution (LTE) base stations, as well as next generation media servers and gateways with voice and video.

Today’s network infrastructure systems may be comprised of DSPs dedicated to data plane functions, and general purpose processors for control-plane functions. Using VirtualLogix VLX, VirtualLogix Linux, and DSP/BIOS on TI DSPs, communications infrastructure manufacturers can design DSP-only systems providing both data transcoding and control functions resulting in reduced bill of materials and total cost of ownership, while simplifying the development process. Additionally, the ability to integrate control-plane processor functions into a DSP platform becomes critically important as the industry further adopts multicore DSPs.

According to Francis Sideco, Senior Analyst, Wireless Communications with iSuppli, “As more network equipment manufacturers turn to DSP technology for their converged networks, finding a way to expand the functionality supported by the DSP core will be critical in helping lower costs, offer more types of services and improve scalability. With its support for TI DSPs, VirtualLogix is doing its part in advancing the use of DSPs in the network, enabling companies to leverage a single platform solution for both enhanced signal processing and general purpose processors functions.”

Key benefits of the VLX for Network Infrastructure supporting TI DSPs are:

  • Reduces Bill of Materials (BOM) through hardware consolidation
  • Allows developers to maximize software options by leveraging both TI DSP/BIOS and the Linux community
  • Retains DSP/BIOS performance for all signal processing applications
  • Isolates proprietary DSP/BIOS applications and drivers from open source Linux
  • Provides high performance, flexible communication between operating systems
  • Enables remote monitoring and debugging during integration field trial and deployment

With this new solution, VLX will support all communications infrastructure optimized multicore DSPs offering significant savings in development costs and reduced time-to-market on these advanced, powerful signal processing platforms.

“Virtualization is a key technology for communications infrastructure equipment using multicore DSPs,” said Alan Gatherer, chief technology officer for TI’s Communications Infrastructure and Voice Group at Texas Instruments. “With our 10+ year history in multicore technologies, we believe multicore capabilities are a key tool in providing customers with solutions that meet their specific applications needs. VirtualLogix is a leader in providing real-time virtualization for embedded applications. VLX will further complement our multicore capabilities.”

“TI multicore DSPs are ideal for data plane processing in communications infrastructure applications such as ‘Beyond 3G’ base station and next generation media gateways,” said Mark Milligan, vice president of marketing, VirtualLogix. “Now VLX provides the capability to integrate required signal processing applications with advanced platform management, control, and debug solutions – all without adding another board or processor.”

VirtualLogix is part of the TI DSP Third Party Network. The TI DSP Third Party Network is a worldwide community of companies offering products and services that support TI DSPs.

About VirtualLogix, Inc.
VirtualLogix(TM), Inc. is the global leader in Real-Time Virtualization(TM) technology for connected devices. VirtualLogix VLX enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and provides a range of performance, fault tolerance and security options to address specific market requirements. As a result, the world’s largest semiconductor companies, manufacturers, OEMs and carriers are able to reduce development and bill of material costs, improve time-to-market by leveraging existing software investments, and create conditions that meet their business goals. With more than 20 years of experience developing system software for network infrastructure, digital multimedia and mobile handsets, VirtualLogix is paving the way for the development of next generation connected devices. VirtualLogix, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with operations worldwide. For more information, call 408.954.7350, or +33 1 39 44 74 00.

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