SiliconSystems Unveils SiliconDrive USB Blade for Embedded Storage

SiliconSystems, Inc., a world leader in advanced storage technology, announced its new SiliconDrive USB Blade solid-state storage product. SiliconDrive USB Blade is a breakthrough storage solution in an environmentally-rugged and ultra-small form factor, providing improved storage design flexibility in applications where board space and performance are critical design considerations. With an innovative industry-first form factor, SiliconDrive USB Blade is based on SiliconSystems’ next-generation storage technology platform which includes advanced versions of the company’s patented PowerArmor, SiSMART and SiliconDrive Secure technologies that deliver the high performance, high reliability and multi-year product lifecycles embedded storage applications demand.

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface is considered by many to be the most successful interconnect in history for its fast, efficient and easy-to-use operation. As embedded system designs are migrating to faster host system interfaces, OEM system architects are realizing the USB interface is a highly viable and cost effective solution with advantages including easy installation, differential signaling, BIOS bootability and data integrity checking. Historically, many OEM designers have dismissed USB-based storage solutions because they associated the entire product category with the retail-grade thumb drive form factor which does not meet the rigorous requirements of embedded system applications. With the introduction of SiliconDrive USB Blade, OEMs now have a superior USB-based advanced storage solution that meets their next-generation application requirements.

“SiliconSystems is deeply committed to continuous innovation and to solving critical storage industry challenges,” said Gary Drossel, vice president of product planning at SiliconSystems. “A major challenge for our Enterprise System OEM customers, in applications such as industrial automation and robotics, was how to quickly and easily migrate to a USB-based small form factor storage solution that could meet their board space, performance, reliability and product life design requirements. SiliconDrive USB Blade is the answer to that challenge.”

SiliconDrive USB Blade is ideally suited for space-constrained designs and as a boot drive, for operating system storage or in event and data logging applications. Dedicated to solving the needs of next-generation USB embedded systems, SiliconSystems collaborated with Samtec, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged connectors, to develop a space-saving and secure latching connector solution for the SiliconDrive USB Blade. The innovative edge connector has spring-loaded snaps at either end of the slot to ensure the SiliconDrive USB Blade is held securely in place, allowing installation either vertically or at a right angle when space is a major design concern.

Advanced Storage Technologies Enhance Reliability and Security
SiliconDrive USB Blade comes integrated with SiliconSystems’ patented PowerArmor and SiSMART advanced storage technologies. PowerArmor delivers enhanced protection from host system voltage and power anomalies to prevent data and drive corruption, and SiSMART is a precise monitoring system that accurately forecasts storage system useable life to eliminate unscheduled downtime. To provide enhanced data security, SiliconDrive USB Blade will also include a comprehensive suite of user-selectable integrated security technologies that can protect data from unauthorized access or IP theft.

SiliconDrive USB Blade evaluation units and host developer tool kits will be available in December 2007. Initially SiliconDrive USB Blade will be offered in capacities of 512 megabytes (MB), 1 gigabyte (GB) and 2 GB.

About SiliconDrive USB Blade
SiliconDrive USB Blade is a breakthrough postage-stamp sized USB solid-state drive designed for embedded storage applications where board space, shock, vibration, temperature and multi-year product lifecycles are mandatory design considerations. SiliconDrive USB Blade combines the ultimate in design flexibility with SiliconSystems’ advanced storage technology to increase performance and reliability while reducing the total cost of storage ownership.

About SiliconSystems
SiliconSystems is a world leader in advanced storage technology engineered exclusively for the high performance, high reliability, multi-year product lifecycle requirements of the Enterprise System OEM market. The company’s patented SiliconDrive technology exceeds the rigorous demands of applications in the netcom, military, industrial, interactive kiosk and medical markets. SiliconSystems is based in Aliso Viejo, California.

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