dPict Imaging Unveils Aexeon Analytix for Video Analytics

dPict Imaging announces Aexeon Analytix, a family of multi-processor PCI capture and image processing boards for video analytics applications. Aexeon Analytix is designed to add video processing and analytics to existing video recorders without the need for software application development.

Aexeon Analytix products continue dPict Imaging’s commitment to intelligent frame grabber solutions designed with Texas Instruments DM642 Video Processors, allowing for real-time image analysis without system overhead. “Video analytics is a perfect application for the Aexeon Analytix and its on-board DM642 processors, says Brian Pinto, Director of Sales for dPict Imaging. “Since no system intervention is needed, a user can easily add video analysis to their DVR.”

Initial product offerings will support the ObjectVideo OnBoard Software Suite for embedded video processing. With ObjectVideo OnBoard, Aexeon Analytix will allow for video processing features such as object detection and tracking, event counting, and rule specific intelligence.

Aexeon Analytix Features

  • On-board TI DM642 Video Processors
  • Easy Integration Into Existing Digital Video Recorders
  • Up to 8 Simultaneous Channels of Video Analytics
  • No Host Processor Load
  • Supports NTSC or PAL Video Formats
  • Selectable Video Terminations
  • Windows 2000 and XP Support

About dPict Imaging, Inc.
dPict Imaging, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of PC-based video acquisition products and development software for the machine vision, medical imaging, image analysis, and security applications. dPict Imaging, Inc. is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, IN, USA.