Signal Forge Creates EZ Terminal Serial Utility for Windows Vista

Signal Forge, developer of portable, high-performance signal generators, released EZ Terminal(TM) a Windows Vista-compatible serial communication utility for use with its line of portable signal generators. EZ Terminal solves a problem for users of the Vista operating system which ships without HyperTerminal, the serial communications software bundled with previous versions of the Windows operating system. EZ Terminal is available now as a free download for users of any Signal Forge signal generator.

In addition to providing a basic connection to the Signal Forge signal generators, EZ Terminal has an easy to use macro recorder that records test patterns and saves them to a file for replay later or for export to an external application. “A number of our customers have developed their own test software and have asked for an easy way to integrate control code for our signal generators into it. Now, they can use EZ Terminal to quickly generate the test code they need,” said Steve Robalino, chief technical officer at Signal Forge. “And of course, it fills the hole left when Microsoft eliminated HyperTerminal from Vista,” he added.

About Signal Forge
Signal Forge manufactures a line of low-cost, portable electronic test equipment including the Signal Forge 1000 Digitally Synthesized Signal Generator and RF Frequency Expansion Modules. The Signal Forge 1000, provides a frequency range of 1 Hz to 1 GHz, which extents to 2.6 GHz with the Expansion Modules. The signal generators feature multiple output types and a variety of waveform modulations such as ASK, BPSK, FSK, FM, frequency sweep, and OOK. The small size (8.5in x 5.4in x 1.5in) and light weight (1.75 pounds) make the SF1000 ideal for field engineers and service personnel. Applications for the RF output include testing of wireless devices such as GSM, RFID, Wireless LAN, and Zigbee. The digital and differential outputs may be used for testing integrated circuits such as high-speed serial storage controllers or any clock-driven device.

Signal Forge, LLC was founded in 2004 by semiconductor industry veterans to develop and market high performance test equipment in small, affordable packages. The company employs a ‘design for cost and portability’ approach to its product designs which solves problems that the founders faced repeatedly in circuit board and IC design labs over the past 20 years­the need for high-performance but low-cost test equipment for R&D labs.