Genoa Color Receives Patent for Multi-Primary Color LCD Display

Genoa Color Technologies Ltd. has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Genoa was issued U.S. patent number 7,268,757 for the “Device, system and method for color display” for an LCD display using multi primary colors.

“This patent strengthens our intellectual property in the LCD display space,” says Genoa CEO Ilan Ben-David. “With more than 80 patents pending worldwide, we expect to receive other key grants protecting our multi-primary color innovations in the near future.”

Genoa’s Multi Primary technology uses more than three primary colors in the display. In addition to the traditional RGB, other colors are added – such as yellow and cyan. Multi primary is the only technology which allows LCD displays to fully cover cinema gamut. “Increasing the NTSC ratio is not enough, Genoa’s unique solution increases the gamut in both yellows and cyans, which is unattainable using wide gamut CCFL or LED backlights” says Dr.Shmuel Roth, VP Technologies.

Genoa solutions support the emerging wide gamut standards, such as xvYCC, and allows the consumers to fully enjoy the new color content available.

Genoa’s technology is also used to increase luminance efficiency without sacrificing color performance in mobile LCD display, resulting in longer battery life.

About Genoa
Genoa Color Technologies Ltd. licenses and develops Multi Primary technology, which significantly enhances image quality and power efficiency for a wide range of displays. Genoa, with R&D based in Herzlia, Israel, is supported by VCs and private investors.