DSM Computer Introduces Galaxy Control Cabinet PCs

With the new family of “Galaxy®” control cabinet PCs, DSM AG augments its segment of 19-inch industrial computers from the Infinity® series and its embedded systems of the NanoServer® series with an additional product line. The control cabinet PCs have either four free PCI slots or three free PCI and one PCI Express x1 to allow the installation of a wide range of long or short plug-in cards. These free slots allow the industrial computers to be extended with the usual modules required in plant and machinery construction, such as CAN bus, field bus (LON, PROFIBUS, InterBus, DeviceNet, etc.), or with additional controller cards.

DSM Computer Galaxy Control Cabinet PCTo optimize the associated application, the Galaxy® IPCs are equipped with various mini-ITX boards with guaranteed long-term availability. The “Galaxy® G6″ designed for high-performance applications is configured with an Intel® Core(TM) 2 Duo processor and a maximum of 4 GB DDR2 RAM memory. The low-cost “Galaxy® G1″ variant is based on a VIA-C7 processor and the associated CN700 chip set. Depending on the integrated module, the control cabinet PCs provide a number of standard interfaces such as USB 2.0, LAN, VGA, audio, keyboard/mouse, PS/2, and both serial and parallel interfaces. Additional interfaces can be implemented using the available I/O adapter plate.

Depending on the installed mini-ITX board, either two replaceable 2.5-inch SATA hard disks or one 3.5-inch hard disk are used as storage medium. As an alternative, two CF memory modules or one CF memory module and one 2.5-inch hard disk can be installed.

The ventilation concept of the industrial computer is unique with the air from the two temperature-controlled fans being drawn into an air channel. One fan is located directly behind the slots with the second fan located behind the CPU. Their compact measurements of only 149 x 280 x 260 mm mean the control cabinet PCs can be flexibly installed in a wide range of installation positions.

To increase their system availability, if required, the control cabinet computers can be supplied with DSM Computer’s PC System Monitoring Software DSMP®. DSMP® continually monitors the operating parameters, for example, the processor temperature, the supply voltage, the fan speed and the status of the hard disks.

About the DSM Computer AG
Since its establishment in 1981, DSM Computer AG as a provider of industry PCs and slot-CPU engineering has always succeeded in responding flexibly to a constantly changing market. With both individually tailored solutions or product lines with standardized versions, DSM Computer AG offers qualitatively high-value computer technology for industrial applications, telecommunication systems, automation, and measurement engineering.