Advantest Introduces T5781, T5781ES Memory Test Systems

Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) is introducing its new high-speed, high-throughput memory test systems for Multi-Chip Packages (MCPs). The new T5781 Test System offers high test speeds of 533Mbps for tomorrow’s MCPs, devices which combine multiple memory types — such as NAND, NOR and DRAM — in a single package. Complementing the T5781 is the new T5781 Engineering Station (T5781ES), which is designed for evaluation of devices and development of test programs in a developmental/laboratory environment. Combining DDR features and performance and flash functionality into a single platform, the T5781 offers both a fast turn-around development solution and high volume production test for tomorrow’s memory intensive applications.

Demand for Compact, Applications-loaded Phones Drives Advanced MCPs Increasing functionality of cell phones and mobile devices — which include more sophisticated features such as high-definition cameras and built- in music players — is driving the development of memory devices with expanded capacity, functionality and speed. The trend toward more functionality in mobile phones is also leading to further miniaturization of memory devices and therefore to the common use of MCPs, which contain multiple memory chips within one small package.

Conventional testing of MCPs often necessitated the use of specific test systems for specific types of memories — for example, NAND memory sub- components were tested using a unique tester specific to NAND. This results in a costly test and handling process that spans several insertions. Additionally, today’s DDR-DRAM bandwidth is being incorporated into MCPs. With MCP operating speeds of more than 100MHz, demand has risen for test systems capable of testing high-speed devices with both MCP and full monolithic flash and DRAM functionality. Advantest developed the T5781 and T5781ES to meet that need.

Features and Benefits
Advantest’s new T5781 memory test systems include these capabilities:

  • * Test speeds of up to 266MHz/533Mbps (in DDR mode) With its at-speed performance for MCP among the best in the industry, the T5781 is well-suited to next generation LP-DDR MCP test.
  • * Functions for testing multiple memory types One-process, efficient testing of MCPs is now possible. Advantest designed the T5781/T5781ES to incorporate functions to test all memory types in an MCP on a single test system.
  • * Tester-per-site architecture for efficient testing of NAND flash memory With test resources at each test site, including power sources and per-pin logic and ALPG functionality, devices can be individually controlled and tested. By making the test functions independent through tester-per-site architecture, the test time for NAND and SPI flash memory is dramatically reduced.
  • * The T5871ES is for device evaluation and development of test programs Having all the functional and performance qualities of the T5781, the smaller T5781ES has been designed for engineering. The two systems together provide an invaluable resource from device development to high-volume production, reducing turn-around time across the whole test and prototyping process.

System shipments began in October. Pricing is available upon request.

Key specifications:

  T5781 T5781ES
Parallel Test Capacity: Up to 512 devices Up to 32 devices
Maximum Test Speed: 266MHz/533Mbps same
Test Head: 1 station same

About Advantest
Advantest Corporation is the world’s leading automatic test equipment supplier to the semiconductor industry, and also produces electronic and optoelectronic instruments and systems. A global company, Advantest has long offered total ATE solutions and serves the industry in every component of semiconductor test: tester, handler, mechanical and electrical interfaces, and software. Its logic, memory, mixed-signal and RF testers, and device handlers are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest established its first subsidiary in 1982 in the U.S.A. and now has 43 subsidiaries worldwide. Among them Advantest America is based in Santa Clara, California and Advantest (Europe) GmbH is based in Munich, Germany.