Wavecom Launches Fastrack Extreme HSDPA Wireless CPU

Wavecom S.A. (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066) announced the launch of Fastrack Extreme an HSDPA (or 3.5G) version of its Plug-and-Play Wireless CPU®. Compatible with existing Open AT® applications, the newest addition to the Fastrack family has the same form-factor as the current Fastrack Supreme and is based on a powerful ARM9 core for applications processing and the Icera Livanto® soft baseband modem. With Icera’s Adaptive Wireless(TM) enhanced Type 3 advanced receiver and receive diversity technology it will achieve data rates up to 7.2 Mbits/s and will deliver higher data-rates in real network conditions than any other M2M module. Fastrack Extreme is equipped with a tri-band radio for global coverage.

Fastrack Extreme benefits from Wavecom’s Intelligent Device Service, or IDS, a secure service platform for remotely managing devices over the air. IDS is used for upgrading firmware and application software, configuring devices, and implementing remote diagnostics. This service platform can easily be integrated to customers’ existing back-end servers.

This advanced M2M offering is made possible thanks to the collaboration between Wavecom and Icera. Combining Icera’s leading edge Livanto® chipset and advanced Adaptive Wireless(TM) technology with Wavecom’s IDS secures customers’ long-term investment by allowing them to follow HSDPA evolution. Furthermore, it provides a unique remote upgrade capability to HSUPA and other 3GPP standards without having to physically replace each device in the field.

Philippe Guillemette, Wavecom CTO, commented, “We are delighted to work with Icera and use their Adaptive Wireless(TM) technology. Combining Icera’s Livanto® chipset with Wavecom’s M2M software stack and IDS technology brings solutions uniquely tailored to the M2M market.”

Steve Allpress, Icera CTO also commented “Working with Wavecom opens new opportunities and markets for our Livanto® chipset. With their Intelligent Device Service solution we collectively bring a truly future-proof, high-speed solution dedicated to the M2M market.”

Samples of Fastrack Extreme will be available in December 2007.

About Wavecom
Wavecom is a worldwide leader in embedded industrial wireless communication solutions for automotive, machine-to-machine and mobile professional applications. Wavecom’s solutions include the Open AT® software platform encompassing the Wavecom Open AT® Operating System, a wide range of Plug-Ins, the Open AT® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) along with a market-leading range of Wireless CPUs (Central Processing Units), and an expanding portfolio of services. These complete embedded solutions enable makers of all types of machines to development of a new breed of intelligent wireless applications, without the need of external processors and other ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and components. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Paris, Wavecom has subsidiaries in Hong Kong (China), Research Triangle Park, NC (USA) and Farnborough (UK). Wavecom is publicly traded on Euronext Paris (Eurolist) in France and on the NASDAQ (WVCM) exchange in the U.S.

About Icera Inc
Icera is a fabless semiconductor company, delivering the highest performance HSPA baseband modems and platform solutions to cellular datacard and phone OEMs. Founded in 2002, Icera is headquartered in the UK, with design locations in Bristol and Cambridge, UK and Sophia Antipolis, France, sales offices in Europe, Japan and USA and representative support in Korea.