CLIQK Turns iPhone into Remote Control for Home

As if having the latest uber gadget is not enough, CLIQK, the New York based digital lifestyle services firm, announced that its VIP members are being treated to specially customized iPhones. CLIQK’s VIP member iPhones include a direct application that allows them to control and monitor all aspects of their homes from anywhere in the world. CLIQK’s customizations even include specialized menus, applications and ringtones that are not available from Apple or to the general public.

“We’ve unlocked the true power of the iPhone, allowing people to use this remarkable tool to control their homes’ security, lighting, temperature, shading, and even music -whether they’re in sailing in St. Tropez or simply stuck at the office,” said CLIQK founder Mark D. Hernandez. “The advantages of this accessibility cannot be overstated, whether it is used to enhance security or just comfort.”

There are numerous reasons, both practical and fun, for giving clients remote access to their home automation systems. Already taking advantage of their Cliqk’d up iPhones, CLIQK’s clients are using them to monitor security cameras, double check their locks, and be alerted when their loved ones have returned home.

Judge Kirby, a CLIQK client, highlights some of the more entertaining benefits of his CLIQK customized iPhone, “After a long evening, you can’t imagine how good it feels to come home to the right music, temperature, and lighting – all regulated by me long before I get anywhere near my home.”

“CLIQK thrives on innovation and using technology to enhance the varied lifestyles of our clients,” adds Mr. Hernandez. “Customizing the iPhone is a great way to offer our clients some extra luxury as well as let them have even more fun with their CLIQK system. Plus, our clients love it when we keep them ahead of the pack of their technolusting peers.”

Since opening for business in New York City in 2004, CLIQK has been the authority on unique home entertainment and automation systems for high-end, luxury residences. CLIQK is comprised of designers, engineers, researchers, and project managers whose goal is to transform the commonplace into seamless high-tech sensational spaces. CLIQK addresses each client individually, providing only the best that technology can offer in simple and convenient personalized systems.