Nallatech Deploys Intel QuickPath Interconnect for FPGA Socket Filler

Nallatech, the domain expert in high-performance FPGA computing solutions, announced that it is the first FPGA system vendor to sign up to deploy product using the Intel® QuickPath interconnect. The Intel QuickPath interconnect is Intel’s new high-speed system interconnect for servers and high-end work stations. Nallatech will use the Intel QuickPath interconnect to bring to market the industry’s first FPGA-based socket filler solutions based on this new technology for high performance computing applications.

The need for high bandwidth and low latency interconnections is growing rapidly as server deployed FPGA accelerated solutions become a reality. The Intel QuickPath interconnect creates a very high bandwidth, low latency and cache-coherent fabric between one or more multi-core CPUs. It will be used to connect microprocessors and Nallatech FPGA socket filler accelerators. This architecture reduces processing bottlenecks subsequently improving performance of a variety of high performance computing applications, including those in the financial and defense sectors.

“We are delighted to reach this stage of collaboration with Intel. Future heterogeneous computing architectures are the advent of acceleration technologies” said Craig Anderson, CEO at Nallatech. “Intel is supporting this technology transition with the QuickPath interconnect and we are developing solutions to allow users to mix microprocessors and accelerators to address many diverse applications.”

“Moving to high-speed point-to-point interconnects is the next evolution in providing phenomenal bandwidth to processing cores and spreading memory across the system,” said Lorie Wigle, director of technology initiatives and software strategy at Intel. “Intel has worked with a number of different players in the ecosystem to ready the QuickPath architecture for deployment. Nallatech agreeing to distribute products emphasizes the broad industry support for the Intel QuickPath interconnect.”

Nallatech already offers support for Intel’s current Front Side Bus (FSB) architecture and supporting Intel QuickAssist Accelerator Abstraction Layer with the Slipstream(TM) series of Xilinx FPGA accelerators. Nallatech’s commitment to develop and deliver Intel QuickPath interconnect-based FPGA accelerators significantly strengthens the relationship between the two companies and provides customers with a long term roadmap of accelerator products.

About Nallatech
Nallatech is the domain expert in high performance FPGA computing, helping address the challenges of delivering improved price/performance, increased performance-density and reduced power consumption. Nallatech addresses these needs, enabling applications to be accelerated using FPGA compute technology.

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