Gleichmann Electronics Launches GE Vision LCD Modules

There are very few large manufacturers of LCD modules that address the needs of small to medium-sized customers and when they do, it is normally expensive. To be able to offer reasonably priced LCD modules with customer specific modifications in small batches starting with a minimum of approximately 500 pieces, Gleichmann Electronics has brought into being its own brand, namely GE Vision. “As one of the leading European distributors of displays and optoelectronic components, we strive to address the individual product and service needs of our customers, also for small quantities. We are therefore delighted that the products of GE Vision ideally complement the portfolios of our established suppliers Ampire, Clover, Elec & Eltek and Truly,” explains Roland Federle, Line Manager of GE Vision.

The product offering of GE Vision’s character modules ranges from 1 x 8 characters to 4 x 40 characters. For many of these modules, controllers with different character fonts are provided. Graphic modules with a resolution from 80 x 32 pixels to 320 x 240 pixels are available. Almost all module types are offered in all popular LCD technologies such as STN yellow-green and grey modes, STN blue mode as well as FSTN positive and negative. A white LED backlight is available for practically all modules as standard. Furthermore, many modules are already available with RGB backlight. This innovative technology enables the drive of a monochrome display with numerous background colors using an appropriate PWM control in order, for example, to visualize certain operating conditions of a machine control or to fulfill design oriented requirements.

Moreover, almost all of GE Vision’s standard modules offer the necessary assembly options in order to implement an on-board DC/DC converter for generation of the LCD voltage. Likewise, optional on-board temperature compensation is provided.

Customer specific services include, among other things, printed circuit board layout changes, mounting of pin rows according to customer’s specification as well as various cable solutions or also printed circuit board changes relating to size and form factor with additional assembly options.

Even full custom solutions or one-to-one copies of, for example, obsolete modules of other manufacturers can be provided at attractive prices. “This is where the technical competence of our Taiwanese production partner takes effect. Our partner combines practically all production processes under one roof, right up to the manufacturing of the backlights,” explains Roland Federle.

The operating temperature range of the modules is specified with -20°C to + 70°C. Therefore, the respective components are ideally suited for the requirements of European industrial customers. Roland Federle adds, “Many demonstration systems are already available from stock. A comprehensive product catalog will be available soon.”

Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH
Since its foundation in 1979, Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, in the same company group with MSC Vertriebs GmbH, has established itself as one of the leading pan European distributors of electronic components. One of the reasons for the high acceptance by customers and suppliers is the company’s early focus on comparatively few, highly sophisticated products such as microcontrollers, programmable logic devices, graphic displays and customized battery solutions. The deep technical know-how of our sales engineers and field applications engineers enable us to implement complete new designs right up to the manufactured product to satisfy customers’ requests. Owning two ASIC design centers, a research laboratory and one of Europe’s largest, state-of-the-art programming facilities, Gleichmann & Co Electronics GmbH leads the way in custom design services.