Liquavista Launches ColorMatch FreeStyle Consumer Electronic Displays

Liquavista, the company pioneering mobile multi-media displays, are set to radically change the world of design for Consumer Electronics products with the launch of their latest displays. The display range called FreeStyle, gives designers unparalleled ability to translate their product vision without compromise. The color, size and shape of the active segments/pixels can all be chosen to blend seamlessly with the overall product concept enabling differentiation and value for the whole product to flow from the display.

“Combining this with the ability to specify an infinite variety of reflectors creates a vital new tool for product designers in their unceasing struggle to be seen above the crowd,” commented Mark Gostick, CEO “We’ve even talked to one company about using diamonds as reflectors in a high end product!”

“We wanted to empower product designers to revolutionise the way that displays are used in products.” stated Gostick “By giving them freedom to design the display that fits with their concept we are finally completing the missing piece of their tool box.”

“Traditional LCDs have been constraining product designers due to their lack of design flexibility and color range and are generally a blot on the face of a great piece of design – FreeStyle allows the display to be the finishing touch to your product bringing real differentiation, rather than something that needs to be worked around,” added Gostick.

Liquavista ColorMatch FreeStyle displayColorMatch FreeStyle technology offers significant improvements in display performance over LCD, as well as offering an amazing range of color combinations and design freedom. It also offers higher contrast improving the readability of the screen wherever you are and eliminating the need for supplementary lighting in many cases. FreeStyle uses Liquavista’s ColorMatch platform to give world-beating display brightness – a reflective performance of more than 50% over an unlimited viewing angle – all at the same power as a reflective LCD.

The Technology
Liquavista’ has developed and patented an innovative Electrowetting technology for mobile device display screens. ColorMatch is the first platform to be released to the market but looking forward, this technology has the same range and ability to show videos and full color images as current LCD screens, while also addressing two main problems inherent in today’s displays: poor readability in bright lighting conditions and high power consumption that drains batteries quickly. Compatible with existing LCD manufacturing process the displays offer a bright new opportunity in the display market. The opportunity for a new display technology that addresses these problems is huge, with today’s global market for mobile displays at EUR16 billion and for LCD displays at over EUR62 billion.

Products for which Liquavista’s Electrowetting technology offers real improvements in visibility and power consumption range from watches, mobile phones and digital cameras to ATM screens and large flat panels.

About Liquavista BV
Liquavista was founded in 2006 by a team which originates from the world famous Philip Research Labs in Eindhoven. With offices in The Netherlands, the UK and Hong Kong, the company is backed by Philips, New Venture Partners, GIMV and Amadeus Capital. CEO, Mark Gostick leads the organisation. Based on technology invented by Rob Hayes & Johan Feenstra, in 2002, Liquavista uses advances in materials and technology to create Electrowetting displays that offer significant advantages over existing and emerging display technologies. Producing bright, colorful images, which show video content at very low power and a simple bill of materials, Liquavista’s products offer excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and are ideally suited for a wide variety of portable and mobile applications such as MP3 players, watches, cameras, phones, DVD players and automotive applications.