Bitstream Creates QTopia Font Plug-In for Embedded Linux Devices

Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) announced the release of the QTopia Font Plug-In, which utilizes the Bitstream Font Fusion® rendering engine to deliver sophisticated text display capabilities on Linux devices. The company is demonstrating the plug-in at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment 2007, today through Thursday, in Bitstream booth #434.

Inherent in QTopia, an application platform from Trolltech for Linux devices, is QPF (bitmap) and FreeType (scalable) font support, but FreeType support is slower and requires much more memory than QPF. Bitstream solves these issues by integrating Font Fusion, the most viable font rendering solution for embedded Linux devices, into the application platform through the QTopia Font Plug-In.

The QTopia Font Plug-In was developed as a layer which directly integrates Font Fusion into the platform. As a result, Linux devices running the plug-in will inherit the entire Font Fusion feature list in a manner that is invisible to the user. Benefits include:

  • Small footprint. Code size is 65-147KB, depending on configuration.
  • Low memory requirement. Only 16-40KB of RAM required for a Latin font, and 27-34KB of RAM for a stroke based Asian font.
  • Fast rendering speed. Renders 2400-3300 characters per second on a 100 MIPS CPU.
  • Extraordinary typographical quality. Native TrueType hinting produces high-quality output on any device, especially small point sizes rendered on low-resolution devices.
  • Superior anti-aliasing. Ensures smooth, well-defined character edges at all resolutions.
  • Unicode and International font support. Includes support for compact Asian fonts, industry-standard Asian fonts, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indic, Thai, and over 50 other languages worldwide.

“Linux is extremely important in the embedded space, with an ever growing number of handsets and consumer electronic devices utilizing open source,” said Anna Chagnon, President and CEO of Bitstream Inc. “Bitstream continues to innovate in this space, improving the overall user experience with Linux. Our QTopia Font Plug-In not only requires less memory, but performance increases three-fold, which is a direct, noticeable advantage for users of embedded Linux devices.”

For more information about the QTopia Font Plug-In or Font Fusion, e-mail us at, contact Bitstream at 800.522.3668 or 617.497.6222.

About Bitstream
Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) is a pioneer and technology innovator in the embedded system and mobile technology market. It has expanded its core font offerings to include mobile messaging, text composition, and line layout technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of wireless carriers, device manufacturers, embedded system and application developers worldwide.

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