Jasper Wireless, Telit Wireless Team on Machine Connections, Control

Expanding the reach of the next generation of machine connections and control, Jasper Wireless, a licensed global machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile operator, and Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading machine-to-machine (m2m) communications device manufacturer, announced a partnership agreement.

The agreement covers joint marketing efforts targeted to application integrators, service partners, and OEM customers seeking simple, profitable methods to expand their businesses globally. In addition, Jasper Wireless has already certified 10 of Telit’s cellular communications modules for use on the Jasper Wireless network.

“Telit shares our passion for innovative thinking when addressing the M2M market,” said Jahangir Mohammed, chief executive officer of Jasper Wireless. “Working together, we will empower our customers to connect and manage machines around the world. We’ve taken the first step in that process by assuring customers that Telit modules will work seamlessly across the entire global footprint of the Jasper Wireless network.”

“Joining Jasper Wireless’ global network offers Telit’s application development partners the unique opportunity to market their M2M devices worldwide,” said Roger Dewey, president & CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions Inc. “Jasper Wireless and Telit are breaking down the barriers to M2M rollouts with a combination of unique wireless service and GSM/GPRS modules.”

The Telit modules certified by Jasper Wireless are:

  • GE864-QUAD
  • GE864-PY
  • GC864-QUAD
  • GC864-PY
  • GE863-QUAD
  • GE863-PY
  • GE863-GPS
  • GM862-QUAD
  • GM862-PY
  • GM862-GPS

About Telit
Telit is a leading global wireless technology company. It develops, manufactures and markets GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA/EVDO enterprise communication modules for machine-to-machine (m2m) applications which streamline business processes by enabling machines, devices and vehicles to communicate via mobile networks. Telit’s products are sold and deployed worldwide through offices in China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and the USA. Telit Communications PLC is listed on the AIM (Ticker: TCM).

About Jasper Wireless
Jasper Wireless, a licensed global machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile operator, is the only company built from the ground up to wirelessly connect and manage machines around the world as part of the $32B M2M market. With this dedicated focus, Jasper Wireless is redefining machine-to-machine communications by converging the best in wireless technologies and on-demand Internet applications. The company’s unique service model features the Jasper Wireless M2M Global SIM, M2M vertical application solutions, and the Jasper Wireless M2M Control Center for real-time visibility and control to help M2M application providers maximize their revenues. Founded in 2004, Jasper Wireless is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, CA, USA with regional offices in the United Kingdom.