Ethernet Direct Offers IntraVUE Lite for Local Control Networks

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of Industrial Networking and communication solutions, cooperates with Network Vision Inc., the creator of world renowned network management software to offer New IntraVUE Lite. IntraVUE Lite is available from Ethernet Direct global network. The new software IntraVUE Lite has been specifically developed to provide process and control engineers an easy method to view and troubleshoot Industrial Ethernet communications at the PLC and I/O level. Developed to be a continuous monitor and provide proactive alarms and statistics, this software reduces the need to rely on others to keep real time industrial Ethernet running at optimum performance.

This software is a LAN based version of the popular IntraVUE Enterprise software which is used by many Corporations in complex VLAN and WAN applications with thousands of connected devices. This lower cost but feature rich version has been targeted at smaller applications in typical control networks below the PLC or inside OEM systems. Cost effective in networks with as little as 16 IP devices up to a maximum of 250 IP addresses.

Ethernet Direct takes a lead in offering high performance switches and bringing a cutting edge feature in the Industrial Ethernet technology. While Network Vision develops powerful yet easy to use, network and device visualization tool to the automation industry.

With IntraVUE(TM) compatibility, now Ethernet Direct1s Industrial Ethernet switches can be included in the onsite network for easy management, giving administrators a clearer view and control over Ethernet devices of the entire network. Whether it is a PLC or robot controller in a manufacturing plant, a video surveillance camera in a traffic system, or a power monitor in a building automation system, IntraVUE(TM) has been proven to be the software solution of choice.

The relationship between Network Vision & Ethernet Direct is a truly rewarding relationship by combining the world1s best Network Management software with the World1s best performance & cost competitive Industrial Ethernet switches. Now, engineers and company individuals can get real value of their money. This partnership brings the best of everything to Industrial Ethernet applications.

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