FormFactor Introduces Harmony Wafer-Level Burn-In Probe Card

FormFactor, Inc. (Nasdaq:FORM) announced the introduction of the latest addition to its Harmony(TM) family of full-area, 300-mm wafer probe solutions—the Harmony Wafer-Level Burn-In (WLBI) probe card. The Harmony WLBI probe card is designed to maximize throughput, as well as ensure higher quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. The Harmony WLBI probe card sets a milestone with the ability to contact approximately 40,000 test pads in one touchdown, enabling the testing of an entire 300-mm wafer at high temperature (up to 130 degrees Celsius). This capability helps IC manufacturers meet their reliability and performance requirements at the lowest cost of test.

FormFactor has shipped Harmony one-touchdown WLBI probe cards to multiple customers for reliability testing of leading-edge DRAM devices. With FormFactor’s Harmony WLBI cards, throughput can be increased by as much as an order of magnitude, to help reduce time-to-market.

The Harmony WLBI probe card incorporates advanced electronics and a new 3-D MEMS MicroSpring® contactor, designed to withstand the rigors of high-temperature burn-in testing and minimize cleaning—further increasing probe card availability and test cell productivity. FormFactor’s proprietary technology can also amplify the number of die simultaneously tested with existing tester resources, allowing manufacturers to better leverage their depreciated test equipment.

Harmony WLBI is an important component in FormFactor’s suite of probe card solutions for enabling known good die (KGD) applications, where devices must be tested to specification before packaging. Examples of KGD applications include mobile cell phones and portable media players, where multiple device types are incorporated into a single system-in-package (SiP) or multi-chip package (MCP).

“The consumer market is extremely time-sensitive, with very short design cycles. Each day of delay in time-to-market can mean millions of dollars to manufacturers,” stated Ofer Bokobza, vice president and general manager of FormFactor’s DRAM Product Business Group. “Our Harmony WLBI probe card solution offers maximum throughput, which is critical to help our customers reduce their time-to-market. At the same time, the efficiency of one-touchdown burn-in allows our customers to migrate more reliability testing to the wafer-level, an important step forward in enabling KGD.”

FormFactor is now taking Harmony WLBI probe card orders.

About FormFactor
Founded in 1993, FormFactor, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORM) is the leader in advanced wafer probe cards, which are used by semiconductor manufacturers to electrically test ICs. The company’s wafer sort, burn-in and device performance testing products move IC testing upstream from post-packaging to the wafer level, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to lower their overall production costs, improve yields, and bring next-generation devices to market. FormFactor is headquartered in Livermore, California with operations in Europe, Asia and North America.

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