HyperTransport Technology Developers Conference

Providing a forum for its members to learn more about the industry’s highest performance interconnect technology, the HyperTransport(TM) Technology Consortium announced its annual HyperTransport Technology Developers Conference will take place on Thursday, October 18, 2007, at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, Calif. At the conference, commercial and academic members will present information on innovative and enabling HyperTransport solutions, while Consortium executive management will update attendees on HyperTransport technology progress and business opportunities.

“The HyperTransport Developers Conference is an important community forum for members and prospective members to network and exchange information that is critical to the design of innovative, next-generation HyperTransport solutions and the business decisions that they demand,” said Mario Cavalli, general manager of the HyperTransport Consortium. “As our Consortium membership continues to expand, our yearly conference increasingly attracts industry experts in all aspects of high-performance system and IC component design, and we are able to showcase exciting new applications of our technology.”

Founding member, AMD, and new members, Compunetics, Lattice Semiconductor, Violin Memory and 3Leaf Systems, will discuss their breakthrough HyperTransport solutions. MindShare, a leading technology training company, will conduct a technical training session on HyperTransport 3.0. The conference will also feature presentations from several world-renowned researchers who are closely collaborating with the HyperTransport Consortium on the front end of HyperTransport technology.

About the HyperTransport(TM) Technology Consortium
The HyperTransport Technology Consortium is a membership-based, non-profit organization that licenses, manages and promotes HyperTransport Technology. The HyperTransport Consortium was founded in 2001 by leading technology innovators like AMD, Apple, Broadcom, Cisco, NVIDIA, PMC-Sierra and Sun Microsystems and counts on more than 50 industry-leading member companies worldwide, including Dell, HP and IBM. Membership is based on a yearly fee and it is open to companies interested in licensing the royalty-free use of HyperTransport technology and intellectual property. Consortium members have full access to the HyperTransport technical documents database, they may attend Consortium meetings and events and may benefit from a variety of technical and marketing services, including the new, member-driven web portal, whose business benefits are part of a wide array of services offered by the Consortium free of charge to member companies.

HyperTransport is a licensed trademark of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium.