ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 Passes Microsoft Platform Test

ARTiSAN Software Tools, the global leader in the provision of an integrated UML, SysML and architectural framework tool suite for the analysis, design and development of complex, mission critical systems, has announced that ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 has passed the Microsoft platform test for ISV/software solutions for Windows Server, Windows Client and Microsoft Office. The testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies. As a consequence of the successful testing, ARTiSAN Software Tools’ Microsoft Certified Partner status is now compliant with the latest version of ARTiSAN Studio.

ARTiSAN 6.2 supports 4 pillars of SysMLARTiSAN Studio 6.2, which rounds out ARTiSAN’s comprehensive support for the OMG Systems Modelling Language (SysML), is now shipping in volume. Making use of its powerful domain-specific profiling capability, ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 incorporates a comprehensive SysML Profile that supports the four pillars of SysML – system requirements, behaviour, structure and parametric relationships. The ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 SysML Profile directly supports core SysML elements including blocks, item flows, ports and port flows, adding appropriate new commands, explorer panes and toolbars to the menus.

Importantly, the SysML implementation in ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 allows engineers to work with SysML elements and diagrams as new element types and not just as stereotyped UML types, resulting in faster recognition, better usability and ease-of-adoption without compromising compliance to the standard.

Facilitated by the support of the Requirements Diagrams in SysML, ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 also provides a significantly improved, model-driven requirements traceability and impact analysis capability especially for safety-critical applications.

In order to deal with the complex inter-relationships involved with models, ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 also incorporates advanced model and configuration management (CM) capabilities that have been added in support of multi-user and team-based, model-driven code generation and synchronisation. These powerful model management capabilities provide efficient and optimum collaboration of large teams whilst allowing users to work with configuration management tools that may exist as part of an organisation’s engineering processes.

Internal model management features include support of parallel model development through the use of private sandboxes which enable multiple engineers to work in isolation on the same model. Also introduced in this release is a new merge engine to synchronise and resolve conflicts using optimistic configuration management techniques. Improvements have also been made to the model management and CM capabilities making the review and audit processes more model-friendly especially with regard to change tracking, model versioning, model import and export, models in models, differencing and component sharing.

ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 also includes a variety of infrastructure, usability and performance improvements particularly in relation to its alignment with UML 2.1, XMI support and its usability with regard to the development of large, complex models and the IT administration overheads in relation to large team deployment, as well as its support of the Eclipse framework.

About ARTiSAN Software Tools
ARTiSAN Software Tools is the leading independent supplier of premium-quality, industrial-grade, collaborative modelling tools for complex, mission-critical systems and software. ARTiSAN’s standards-based tool suite, ARTiSAN Studio, provides comprehensive support for the leading industry standards, including SysML, UML and Architectural Frameworks. It delivers on the promise of an integrated collaborative development environment – allowing systems and software engineering teams to work as one – from concept through to delivery and maintenance. ARTiSAN has delivered a stable, robust working environment to thousands of users across an extensive range of complex applications in demanding sectors including military, aerospace and defence, automotive and transportation, telecommunications and electronics, and medical. Founded in 1997 with extensive venture capital backing, ARTiSAN is headquartered in the USA and UK with offices in Germany and Italy supported by a global distributor network.